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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part III-Divine Humanity

Lesson 8 God The Only Life
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

I WANT to tell you how real, how true it is, that nothing exists outside God, and I can best help you by the description of an experience of my own. Life both here and there is a constant unfoldment, always fresh, a continual revelation.

I have already told you of my entrance into the spiritual world, and now may I speak of one of my steps into a greater fulness of God, into life more abundant? I had learnt many things, the spiritual faculties were quickened, and I was always learning that our especial need is to have greater capacities for God, to do as Paul says continually-"Yield yourselves unto God." It was most wonderful to discover that my thought instantly produced an outer environment; in fact, my thought came into being at once. For instance, I desire quiet for meditation- I am instantly in a grove and all is stillness, inviting repose. I think music-and at once I hear sublimest strains, ravishing and melodious. I am satisfied-the music gently ceases. Truly, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, all that awaits us when we are in God. I desire to help, and I am sent to people who are climbing up; and oh! the joy of helping them to their own. This is my longing desire for you. Be ye holy (healthy), for I am holy (healthy), says God. Happiness and health and all good is God. There is no secret initiation, no mystery in God. You only need the heart of the child to enter the kingdom. It is true in a beautiful sense that there is nothing hidden which shall not be revealed. All things are open and are yours. You are not always able to understand because you are not sufficiently evolved; but never forget that all is yours, for ye are God's.

Even this exquisite joy around me, even the knowledge that my thought made me, did not seem enough, and I longed intensely for God above all else, until I realized that nothing but the Infinite could satisfy me. This thought, this desire, was not answered in the usual way, but one of the shining ones who go in and out among us stood beside me and said, "Are you ready for the cleansing waters? Your prayer is heard." At the same time the spirit within repeated the familiar words: "Ye shall surely find ME." "Yes, yes," I said, "all for God," and I fell on my knees in an attitude of prayer. Then began the cleansing by the waters from the River of God. From within there arose a cleansing stream, that made me aware of its workings in my heart. My limitations must go. I, who thought I possessed relatives, friends, home, must learn that God must enlarge my heart with greater loves, more friendships.

There are no limitations where God is, no claiming of personalities. God is all. The waters were bitter, but you must do this for the great gain. Your ideas and thoughts are not God's thoughts, nor are your ways God's ways.

Ah, it is true, and it will be your eternal good to know this now. Everything that seemed peculiarly my own was simply swept away until I was as nothing, and longing only for God. The Angel spake again with great love and tenderness-"Thou shalt know thyself by this test: art thou content to be nothing, and know nothing?" With great faltering I answered "Yes." The reply came, "Know God, and thou shalt BE." I think there was a long time of quiet. I seemed to become conscious of fresh surroundings. I seemed in the centre of the worlds, in a place of strength; I was conscious of the heart of love, far above my understanding-the rest and comfort of a great strength, and yet I suppose the best description for you is that I seemed in the atmosphere of God-knowing nothing but God-wanting nothing but good; and yet aware that it would take me aeons to understand, to know and grow in this heavenly consciousness. Soon I saw our earth, I saw the blindness of men; though dwelling in this wondrous love they were content to live in shadow, in pain. "Lord, I must go to them, I must tell them," I thought. The voice of the Spirit spoke within-" I am God, and beside me there is none else." "Amen, Amen, Amen," I answered.

To dwell consciously in God is to inbreathe and outbreathe harmony and love. I am without limits, I revel in freedom, I cannot think sin, sickness, or death except to remove them; they have become to me less than vapour. God is all in all, and no one can be outside God. Even your very stones and rocks are interpenetrated by the God-life. "Awake, thou that sleepest, arise from the dead"; "Christ is the light of the world." Oh for a thousand voices to proclaim the truth that nothing is but God! Rise out of your false, shadowy consciousness and mount into the consciousness of love. "Truly He maketh my feet like hinds' feet." I know that in me the Christ has ascended to His Father; henceforth "the Father and I are one." In me the Trinity of the Three are one, and yet three.

Spirit is substance, nothing can be real except God; but joy of joys, as I met relatives, friends, and dear ones, I knew, how more than ever they were mine beyond thought of loss or separation! All I had lost was the fear of losing. God's thought is the only reality; the world is God's thought. You are yet to learn that all realities are in God's thought. You are to express them. Rise, dear heart, and take your place with us, that you may know God only, just where you are. Love never faileth. Begin now. This is the true way to bring in light and love, conquering death by the sacrifice of the body of sense, to rise in newness of life.

I will come again. I have told you of this experience only to help. I would not have done so unless you were able to apprehend it. It will be meaningless to the seekers of wonders and signs.

You must let self utterly melt away in order that Christ may come to His own.