Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part III-Divine Humanity

Lesson 7 The Creative Energy
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

IT is the silent, creative great One, dwelling in the abyss of each, in whom we live and have our being. I am being taken within the centre of life. Again I am in the centre of power, but this time I remember that I have always been. The process of creation is always present, it is not a past series of events. There is no sense of past or future, but of a continuous present. I have already described the great, silent energy and the lack of colour and sound when in the centre, but this time the desire of life is upon me, the sense of lack. I desire beauty and colour. I am the positive one, and the virility and strength of the atmosphere around me lacks its opposite.

With the desire I will, and soon the will, which is the producer, directs my forces. There is a new power about me. I am surrounded by a great are of light, and I become conscious of a heart within myself. I love, I will! The are, which was of a varying shade of gold, slowly becomes roseate and glowing; the electrons of light are no longer colourless, but softened and shaded by pink. Love expresses the beautiful in colour. I am answered in myself. I am both positive and negative, male and female; and out of this consciousness, beauty of form and shade seem born; yet as I write this I know that perfection has always been, though I bring it into evidence by my will and desire. Colours surround me, and millions of shades seem to evolve from three-red, blue, and yellow. They harmonize and blend, and the place seems full of sound and form. I have desired, I have willed. The colours emit the sound, and soon I see the forms of flowers. These colours cannot be seen on the physical plane, though they are full of light and breath. As you see, this is extremely difficult to describe, as also for you to imagine, but the colours breathe and live, and are inter-related to sound and form. There seems no division between the moving shades and the appearance of elegant and delightful shapes. Truly I am in a place of beauty, which is born out of the two in one. There is a sense of completeness, a harmony of many parts. The great energy is softened by beauty, and love is the breath of this life.

The teacher speaks. You could not bear this for long, and the meaning will unfold to you. One single drop of dew contains what you have seen with the eye of the soul. The Creator is in the atom. Yes, truly, the whole of God is in the blade of grass. By this know that space is a meaningless word on the true plane of being.

Everything is in the universal soul; the Christ mind alone comprehends. The one Self is creative, having both natures.

In heaven there is neither marrying nor giving in marriage. This is the highest consciousness of Christ.