Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part III-Divine Humanity

Lesson 6 Workers Together With God
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

THERE really is no such thing as space. For you, as for us, the spiritual law of attraction operates, but your consciousness of limitation, of distance, makes you blind and deaf to a great extent. At a later period of your unfoldment, to desire is to possess. Thus, if we wish to see you, our thought is a vital force, we are in your actual presence immediately, we are so close to you. Thought is so potent, so swift; every thought of ours becomes an outward expression; although you may not see it, you cannot think without a result. Be very careful that you think from the spiritual plane. The phenomena of time and sense are like children's toys to us. They will be discarded as you dwell in the higher consciousness. What divides us now is simply and only that you are not dwelling in, not breathing, seeing, hearing from the spiritual plane. Every effort to rise helps another; but see to it that you are watchful, vigilant, purposeful, and loving.

You partake of the inflow and outflow of the breath of God. This is best described as waves, impelled by an irresistible law, and your whole planet is continually being swept over by this mighty healing breath. I am explaining this for purposes of healing, and hope to explain later that there are periods of outflow and recall. We wish you to breathe forth your healing currents in unison with the almighty good. Your co-operation is necessary for individual needs.

Noon and sunrise are good times for raising conditions of false consciousness into the great One, especially the conditions known to you as feverish and nervous, or the consciousness of weakness. Other cases I hope to explain as I see you coming into contact; but previous to the expression of your desire for the healing of the body and a change of circumstances, breathe out a strong positive assurance of mans unity with God. Your highest good is to banish the idea of separation from God.

Bands of us are striving to influence men and women to free your land of asylums, reformatories, prisons, and similar places. Their inmates could be helped and healed so much more easily if they could be brought in contact with those who have learned the great truths we come to teach. We do not give these lessons for any other reason than to help your world, which we love. We hope to be of practical use in freeing your world from suffering, which is caused by ignorance. By this we do not mean that you escape discipline, but how can you begin to learn your real purpose for being if you are in bondage to false conditions? God did not purpose that your life should be spent in overcoming false conditions. He has a magnificent purpose, a part for you to take in His work.

God bless you and keep you alive unto Himself and dead to sin. Amen.