Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part III-Divine Humanity

Lesson 4 The Knowledge Of God Shall Cover The Eart
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

THE day of the Lord is at hand, is here. Truly the Lord Christ has come in great glory. The signs are in earth and sky. Lift up your heads. The King of glory has come in. This is the wonder, the silence of this new birth.

What does it mean for you? The consciousness of Christ is dawning in every lowly heart. The supreme man Christ is on the throne, and darkness is under His feet. God tells this blessed secret to the dwellers in the innermost, that they may carry the tidings to the very outermost. The Lord our God is One Lord, even Christ. There is something for you to do in this work, but all good, all knowledge is within oneself. The real need for help is great. We see souls imprisoned in limitations, thirsting for living waters. My people would die for lack of understanding. Man is divine, and God is ever in the midst.

Your true consciousness is the knowledge that One and One only fills all space. When you silently think of this you will know that in this understanding, in this continual realization, true freedom lies. You will cast off everything alien to this; nay, you will transmute the very sins and ignorances into the pure gold and wealth of life. These must be the healing of the self by the Self, the forgiveness, the whole redemption from your Christ, your indwelling Lord. You are in all and through all, in every place, since hidden within yourself is the centre of all worlds.

As you write these words we are near you, and many would like to come back and tell you the glorious news, to open your eyes that you may see in very truth-"There am I in the midst." So far you have understood clearly the one Self of all, when you have looked within, but now we will try to look out upon seemingly separate personalities and still see the One only. To recognize the one Lord in all is to lift them into the consciousness of the Christ, and this is just what the spiritually taught are doing. You must each do your part where you are.

Help souls to cast out fear. Fear is one of your foes. In one way or another you allow this false condition to cloud your vision and drag down your spirits. Get rid of fear for yourself and for others. There is absolutely nothing to fear. The indwelling Christ is Lord supreme.

Remind yourself constantly of your true nature. Declare that the light dispels darkness, and see this law in action. I no longer, but Christ the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. See what this little enemy fear has done, a very fox, spoiling the vine. In your immediate environment, the body, fear affects its circulation, digestion, and gastric juices. I only use these words so that we may swiftly ascend to a higher plane. Fear not. There is none other God but ME.

Once rid the race of fear; and love, joy, peace, would spring up. Now this must positively be done in each one of you. In fact, the universe has been conquered when you have won. Your own Christ has conquered sin and death.

Face life and circumstances with the certainty of the I AM with you and in you. Only thus will you honour God. Try from this moment to forget the small you, false and shadowy, and cast it off for ever. Here I would say that only love is Lord. You can fill the whole mentality with love thoughts, so making a rich soil for the growth of good. You have nothing to fear. You are in God and God is in you.

Cleanse your hearts, and not your garments From within must the true forgiveness arise, and not from without. Be clean every whit, whole and perfect. Be positive; know that you must make your circumstances, and not wait for events and then act. You are blind and miserable till your inner eyes, "the eyes of the understanding, are opened." "It is high time to awake Out of sleep." Use these God-given powers for the good of every one. There is nothing outside God. God and man are one. Confidence and trust are the antidotes for anxiety and fear.