Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part III-Divine Humanity

Lesson 3 "Seek And Ye Shall Find"
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

HE question may be asked: Why are so many people still in bondage even with this knowledge? We are in earnest, and are willing to be and do what we can. It is good for you to give your heart to the understanding of wisdom. Knowledge is not understanding. To know God we must be God-like. Because we long for perfection, we are already at its beginnings. Do not regard any of these things as distant or outside yourselves: that is the spirit of separateness. Let us meet the seeming difficulties together, the weights and hindrances of Your everyday life, for the truth will set you free.

Many of you seem to be in bondage to the climate, to lack of beat or to unevenness of temperature. Your bodies are subject to many influences. I too suffered in this way, and I would gladly help you with my experience. How could I understand that what I needed was within? I thought it necessary to be warmly clad, to avoid chill, and to take food to sustain life. Ah! if I could only show you for a minute a spiritual being who has passed this stage, you would know beyond all doubt that Christ is the bread of life, the true daily bread, nourishing both soul and body, able to supply your every need.

As you awake in the morning you look outside and see cold; now you both see and feel cold. You must see before you feel a truth or a falsehood; this is a law. We shall straightway begin to reverse the order. You will look within and see only God, you will feel and understand God. Your feeblest effort in this direction must have its reward.

Read this truth into every detail of the day, and live in the assurance that God cannot fail. See reality, God, behind every shadow. As you go into the outer, cast out fear. Be not anxious, and the very elements will be at one with you. This is the rule of the spiritual. Your whole supply for every need is within yourself. The day is at hand when man, on the earth, will be a true spiritual being. Even now you have expressed yourself in the present phase, and the God-Man is seeking a higher form of manifestation; but all must co-operate, and you are learning the laws of the spiritual kingdom for this end, that sorrow and sighing may flee away, that the sons and daughters of God may hunger no more. Your responsibility is great, but your work is for eternity. Do not lose heart. Be of good courage. The work may seem slow, but God is in it. The result in yourself will be first a sense of command, and later you will smile at your old fears and limitations, for you will be at home and at rest in any climate or circumstance.

Do you not see for yourself how your thought has been concerned with your dependence upon material warmth, food, and sustenance? Later you will put these in their true place, and life will open out its treasure. At present your whole time and thought are given to caring for the daily outer life. Think what the spiritual being with its higher faculties could enter into if you gave half as much time and thought to the true life!

Live simply. Take no anxious thought for the things of today. Let the dead bury their dead. Follow ME. I am within.