Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part III-Divine Humanity

Lesson 2 "Thou In Me"
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

KEEP in mind the previous chapter, and you will be led back to it and find that all your life is going to teach you that the God-Man Christ is all in all. This truth has to be made one with the outermost limits of creation, just as a leaf learns by drawing from its source its oneness-more than unity-with the tree. There is a condition of consciousness in everything that lives. The real you knows everything about itself, but the leaf or seeming unit can only learn slowly, by its life of dependence and unfoldment, its own place and meaning. Every atom contains the whole. The whole of God is in the blade of grass. Try to banish the thought of distance or space, and know that what you see contains within it its true life; the thought is within every expression.

Your first and lowest consciousness of life was movement. Your highest is love. The seed thought is always hidden within every phase of life through which you merge; it moves, quickens, and brings forth seed (thought). This is true of all creation. Your first movement was in secret, yea, in the lowest parts of the earth. This is symbolized in every physical birth; the whole of creation is manifest to the seer. The truths of life are simple and open. I do not wish to cause you vain speculation, but we desire to be of real practical use to you at the stage of unfoldment where you now are. However low in the scale of evolution-that is, spiritual evolution-a soul is, it can be perfect of its kind, and should be free from sin, sickness, and death. This is our glorious message for you. We would have you know yourselves. Get back to the cause.

Why are people suffering and sinful? Because they willingly choose to dwell in a divided consciousness of good and evil. Whoever for even a second has seen that there is no evil, has passed from death to life. He has entered the Heaven of Heavens, he has seen God. The Fall is a thing of the present. It is a false understanding.

Why have we tolerated this consciousness, seeing that God cannot fail? The real you has never tolerated it. There is only one consciousness really; it is deep within yourself all the time; it always has been, and now is around you; and because of it and its livingness you are shaking off the shadow of ignorance-a condition of growth-and rising into pure being. In the great process you will know that sin and ignorance are less than the morning mists now being dispelled by the inner sun, the fire of the love-life. To become aware, while in the shadow, of the reality of this one true life is the solution of everything, for with this true understanding you must know that all is well for ever. That you are one with this movement means that you are emerging into fulness and freedom. See how it is lifting the whole race! We see its potent healing power everywhere; we rejoice with you. You are entering into the kingdom of life and light. Death and sin are conquered now and for ever.

In our next lesson we will discuss the way of ascent from your present condition.

Peace and joy and the sweet fellowship of the heavenly host be yours, as you consider these truths.

Nothing is impossible to him that believeth.