Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part II-Mind And Soul: Their Relation To The Body

Lesson 9 The Soul
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

I SHOULD like to continue our discussion on the soul, for I rejoice to know that you realize the spiritual world to be here. You will live in it more and more, learning that spirit is true substance, and that you function truly from your luminous body, holding within yourself all you need.

Wherever you see beauty, truth, or goodness, it is God finding expression, and you will see them where you least expect when dwelling on the spiritual plane, and much that seems to the natural eye good, beautiful, and true you will prove to be false imitations of the real. Music, art, poetry are expressions of God. All genius is God revealing Himself ; by the very revelation, the soul refines the outer body, which should be as clay in the hands of the potter.

All states of existence, now, and in the future, are determined by the inner life and its expression. It is not enough to know that you possess the indwelling power to become the eternal Christ. Your real work, like that of Jesus, is to express God. Your environment is the outcome of your mind and thought. Heaven and hell are states of existence you make for yourself here and now. Your fall away from truth is caused by the soul's separation from God's thought, and by following the false self-consciousness. Listen to your own Lord and Christ, who brings deliverance to the captive and sight to the blind, who redeemeth thy life from destruction.

The seven creative days are experiences within yourself. God speaks the word of power when He says, "Let there be light, and the light shineth from within." The dividing of the waters is the separation of the divine and the human, the firmament, symbolizing the Heavenly-Divine, and the seas the Earthly-Human.

The separation of sea and land means the first state of receptivity, to express clearly that land (mind) is free and awaiting God's manifestation. And God said, Let the earth (mind) bring forth, and God says within you, to your soul: bring forth, manifest, express My thought.

Then you read: God gave the two lights, the greater and the lesser. These symbolize the lights of the two understandings-human and divine. The seas are fruitful on the fifth day, thus proving the creativeness of mind and the birth of ideas. Then we read of larger growth, larger idea, till we come finally to ourselvesman in the image of God, God's idea. You have not entered into the seventh period yet. It is one of great delight and triumph. Read this for yourselves with the spiritual understanding.

Each soul makes its own Heaven, and there is a sense in which each created being augments Heaven by its own created environment. By your rebirth into the spiritual kingdom, Heaven itself becomes greater. In this sense you can understand better what I mean when I tell you that all are benefited by one, because you are a part of all. I use the language of earth, but you have spiritual discernment We can never find true language to express Heaven and God, since the first is a state of consciousness, and the second infinity.

I have given you these three lessons on the one subject, as it is good for you to live according to divine and spiritual law. With all thy getting, get wisdom. When the soul sees and knows, life appears orderly, and the body of flesh sensibly obedient. Be patient; much more shall be revealed. The kingdom of heaven is open to all believers.

Love, Peace, Joy.