Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part II-Mind And Soul: Their Relation To The Body

Lesson 7 Dwell Deep
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

YOU are spirit, soul, and body. The spirit, the innermost, is clothed upon by the soul. The body is the vehicle for manifestation. Your wholeness depends upon the one consciousness, and the active co-operation of soul and body. Knowing only Clod brings into operation hidden laws, at present unknown to you. You develop spiritual powers which have hitherto lain dormant, and your whole being begins to live. Hearing, seeing, touch, and the power to communicate belong to the soul; they are transmitted to a denser body for a divine purpose. The soul has great responsibilities, and everything depends upon her obedience to the Lord and Master, and to her transfer of spiritual desire to the outer body. Afore than this, by true living you send forth spiritual vibrations, currents of blessing and healing, and all are helped by your radiant and pure environment.

Every spiritual desire, expressed through the outer body, goes on and obeys a higher law; it is never lost. Never mind if you do not see results. I tell you the result of every noble thought expressed has far-reaching effects, and you will know one day that the faintest longing desire has been satisfied.

When you meditate or pray, it is the soul and not the body that opens to the spirit; mind wandering or lack of earnestness means that the brain is not co-operating with the soul. See to it that you are definite; and think, speak, act from the innermost of yourself. Your soul is your real identity. It is YOU.

The soul thinks, breathes, acts from the spirit, and should make perfect the outer body. Wherever this is not so, the soul has failed in its obedience to spirit. If this disobedience takes place, you will find that the passing out of the flesh does not mean that the soul will then function freely; for disuse of the spiritual medium means coma, arrested growth, sleep. Awake! thou that sleepest, Christ dwells within.

When you have ceased to need the body you will give back the atoms, purified and transmuted by the divine life. Do not repress life, but express it. There is nothing either in or out of the flesh that can hinder the disciple who is at one with the will of God.