Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part II-Mind And Soul: Their Relation To The Body

Lesson 6 The True Selfishness
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

BE of good courage, for all is well. God dwelleth in you, and this is the chief eternal truth.

I know you are progressing because already you can command right thoughts and dismiss inharmonious ones. Results will follow, and now you will learn discrimination. It is not given to all to be able to judge others, but content yourself, when tempted to judge, with praying for them, and as you evolve, your prayers will be fraught with beating, because you are learning to pray aright. Be of good courage. Evil is friendly and has a beneficent purpose. Main becomes God-like because be rises through and out of evil, just as the plants emerge from the soil. Every good is closely imitated in the false dream world, and one of the imitations is called selfishness. This is a divine instinct, and you cannot and should not uproot it, but learn always that these delusions of sense have behind them a truth of God. Let us discover the true and holy selfishness.

Man's first instinct is self-interest, self-protection. Even in spiritual things you are constantly seeking to acquire for yourself. You require healing of the body, a rich mind, a true life. This is a God-given instinct, and you are to get, but learn that to get is to give. The true law of giving is to benefit all and thus you bring good to your Self; which, remember, is the great and only Self.

Let us begin by a simple explanation. I use the language of earth that you may understand, for you know already that material things have no real existence, that your thought of them is their only reality. Do you desire health of body? Let us teach you how to obtain it, the true way. You begin at once to send out healing currents to some one in a lower condition than yourself, and immediately you have made a pathway by which your own shall come to you. Your first thought, I see, is, how can I heal when sick myself? The first time you try it, you will understand that the very effort of faith required is the beginning of your own healing, and the larger love going out to others doubles your own joy in the long run.

True getting is always by way of sacrifice. This is a simple thing to know, but it is the key to all true healing, of mind, body, or estate; for all you have truly given you will receive double, but you do not render to the Lord that which Costs you nothing. In the sight of God, no gift has been blessed to your own soul unless you have willingly given from your heart and blessed the gift by your love. You may have wealth untold, though unmanifest to mortal eye. A good practice each day is to bless and heal every one in the house. Begin at once, knowing only the great Self, remembering the need of all in the house. Your own Lord will reveal each need; be resolute, be positive, and, above all, full of hope and love. If the unseen become visible at such times, include them, only send out, give, give, give. I tell you that this is your real getting, your real healing.

The spirit reveals to you more and more. Do you not see that I am helping you to one of the richest positions; that you may become a centre of healing; spirit, the pure flame, burning up the dross; the soul, the link, holding all the physical powers; and the body, showing the beauty of the Lord, the true beauty of Holiness.

Again I ask that you put these lessons into practice.