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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part II-Mind And Soul: Their Relation To The Body

Lesson 3 Mind And Its Possibilities
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

EVERY condition of mind always brings about an outward manifestation even on the sense plane, and the separate self has power over its own environment. Thus, we will say, you think, you act, you become. Man is constantly clothing himself with his thoughts, but these truths are familiar to you, and I want to lead you to the higher possibilities of the mind that is supreme in truth; the only mind, the mind of Christ. The Psalmist, groping after this great truth, cries out: "Why art thou so heavy, O my soul? For I will yet praise Him Who is the health of my countenance and my God."

Around you are people in a condition of sickness, imperfection, and want, some of them Christians as regards the following of the personal Jesus, but they have not made the great discovery of the indwelling Lord. There is no state of ignorance too low for the renewal of life and health. Those who throw off the body prematurely are just as culpable as suicides, and ignorance is not counted as innocence, since the light is in all men-at some time or other the knowledge comes. I am speaking now only to readers of this book. You have no right to allow sin and death to reign in your mortal bodies.

The vital question for you is-How to become alive to the mind of Christ and dead to the mind of sense? Let me here say that you have passed from death into life spiritually, but your work is less than half done if you have not conquered death in your body of flesh. You have become clothed in the flesh that you may manifest God, and you have failed seriously if you allow anything to hide or blur the outer garment, which should manifest wholeness and love.

Now we come to the beginnings. You thought your body must suffer and die. Cease your thinking, and let Christ think. I am come that they might have full, rich, abundant life. Wherever Jesus went, disease dissolved into nothingness; at His touch wholeness sprang up. Your body should be willingly laid down when you have learned life's lessons, and when you are ready for the interior life. You will not escape the ills of the flesh even when you kill your present body, if you have failed to obtain your earth experience; for the soul has failed to use its faculties, to acquire, to obey some divine law, and therefore loses an opportunity to express divinity, the true purpose of incarnation. There is no finer school for this experience, which we set out to gain, than this earth life. We must enter into the Christ consciousness if we would express the body of wholeness.

Since the mind is the seat of pain, do you not see that unless you have the mind of Christ you cannot acquire it by freedom from the body of flesh only? It is more difficult to conquer on the plane of spirit, in fact, you will long to come back. Just where you are is the place to learn; therefore we who love you come to help you at your present stage, not only for your sake, but in order that the great Self, of which we are a part, may not be ignorantly hidden.

Begin by opposing sense suggestion. You are not born to suffer and decay, but are here for a purpose. There is a reason for your place in the great plan of life, and no one else can do your work. Reject the suggestion that you have difficult circumstances, that your environment makes triumph impossible. These very conditions can be made steps of ascent; you can begin now to readjust your life. Every sense suggestion must be reasonably and carefully dealt with, not ignorantly denied, or it will crop up again and again. Therefore answer with patience and sweet reasonableness. You will find that this is the very opportunity for the higher Self to speak. Many join with us, as you read these words, in prayer and strong encouragement that you fail not. Begin as we suggest, in the simplest way, to realize that it is God that worketh in you to will and to do. We hope to continue the teaching of the possibilities of mind in future lessons, and our next lesson will be "Personality." I am taking this subject because you must carefully and daily, even hourly, as you count time, follow the suggestions given, always remembering Christ in you, the Lord of all.