Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part II-Mind And Soul: Their Relation To The Body

Lesson 2 Born Of The Virgin
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

WE were discussing the journey of spirit through matter and its goal. This knowledge is valuable to students at your stage of evolution. You have learned the truth of Being, your high calling, and some of the first steps in the great path. When a traveller is going into strange country he is sometimes brought to a seeming stop by huge tracts of forest land, tremendous rivers, and mountainous heights. The spiritual life has up to the present been one shared with others of like thought and habit as yourselves. Some of you are seeking farther on, and this means that you are called. as Abraham was, alone and in faith. Only the called see the burning bush and hear the great I AM. One of the obstacles we want to help you to overcome is the mystery of the Incarnation, or, as we stated at the first-the journey of the spirit. To woman and to woman alone came this understanding, and it will be again revealed to the feminine in this new age. Woman is having her true place in revelation and prophecy, and to woman shall the great mystery be made known.

You have learned through previous lessons that there is perfect unity between God and man. This consciousness is slowly and surely dawning over the whole earth. Now, only by keeping this truth in mind can you comprehend our lesson. Even as God and man are one, so also there must of necessity be one only, and in this one is the all, manifesting through every channel. God is the two in one, of both natures, ever self-creative, and the ultimate end of our race is unity. All life was symbolized by the life of Jesus Christ in every particular. He came of the perfect unity of the two natures. Mary symbolizes this truth, and here we would say-lest any err by worship, or undue adoration of type or personality-that Mary was the body of flesh used for this holy manifestation, for the teaching of the world, and not because of her separate worth. Seeing that the outer self is a separation, it cannot be known as the complete Self.

The race is rising to a knowledge of the purity of God, the sinlessness and love, wherein is harmony, and some here and there are learning that the age of passion, desire, and lust is passing away. There is stealing over men's hearts the love-nature of God. It is through our love-nature that we learn the complete allness of God. He is making of the twain one flesh; this is the marriage of the two natures. Jesus Christ was born directly from the two in one-as He willingly chose to take up the life on earth, from the beginning. In every way He stands for our race-man. Yes, Jesus was God incarnate, and we shall be like Him. He was creative, His seed is in all, the holy child must first be born in you ere you can comprehend this mystery. Life is a spiritual essence. Birth is a spiritual fact, invisible at present to mortal eye. Jesus of Nazareth was God-Man, coming by the path of the one body of flesh.

Let us make quite clear that God has always been manifest in the world. The coming of Jesus was the symbol of the supreme wholeness and perfection of man by the Christ of God. Learn by this wondrous life the love of God and the great unity. I and the Father are one.

When you have risen out of your false belief in separateness, and know in your heart that God is ALL in ALL, then, and then only, will you glide out of the false consciousness of sin, suffering, and pain, leaving it like a worn-out garment, rising into purer life, renewed and regenerated.

Our next lesson will be "Mind, and its possibilities."