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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part II-Mind And Soul: Their Relation To The Body

Lesson 27 The Death Of Mortal Man-Renunciation
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

OH, the inexpressible joy of vision! There is nothing higher or more satisfying. You shall know how to speak and heal in proportion as you live up to the highest within you.

Renunciation implies a complete and deliberate stand for truth, abandoning all else. It is the step which, once taken, opens up before you the Christ existence. It is not, as supposed, the giving up of wealth, position, and friends, to become poor and desolate; it is rather withdrawal from submission and obedience to the prince of this is world-the creation of mortal sense-that you may deliberately follow the Christ in every thought, renouncing all other rights over you. Thus renunciation becomes acquisition you lay down in order to take up, but with a great difference.

Hitherto life has seemed a vast arena, where some are winners and some losers, where all who can fight may win, where the battle is to the strong. In this great game of life man gives all to win all, that he may become greater than all; for him there is nothing beyond. This plane is of the senses. It is the plane of death and finality. The forces of the sense plane control him, and that which has happened to him is worse than death. It is the loss of individuality.

The spiritual man has failed to develop in that form, and must seek another. Thus the mortal has not become immortalized, and is known no more. This is true, and we tell it in order that you may understand the real meaning of the death of the sinner. The preservation of your individuality depends upon yourself-that you become the creation of God, a perfect man, a perfect woman, depends on your coming definitely to the place of renunciation, which is for you the beginning of life. I am come that you may have life, says Christ, and not death.

You possess nothing of the sense world. You are a spiritual being, sent out from God to do His work and will. The material plane is your place of action, and your work commences with the dawning consciousness of God. Your Scriptures are full of this teaching; Jesus has gone every step of the way for your guidance. There are pathfinders in your midst today. Follow ME, says Christ, and the spiritual and real man renounces all, to follow the King.

How we love your earth! How we long to lift you into true life, but the great and eternal law stands for ever. No man can walk along this path, till he has made the renunciation of his own will; by this choice man proves to man his right to divinity. To enter into truth, he renounces all that the world can give. You are on the spiritual plane to bring the kingdom of heaven into unity with earth, that we may all be one. Thus you see how important it is to live every moment in the only real. We hope to teach you much; as you enter in, you must be full of that confidence which is the offspring of truth.

At present you are to conquer the fleshly body, ruling in love, but always ruling. There is a beautiful work before you. Jesus said: "The Prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in ME." These were words of life and power. These may be your words too, so that nothing can touch you, hidden in God, doing His work and willing His will. You may reach the place where you no longer bear two voices, but one only-that of the living Christ.