Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 26 The Control Of Self And Environment
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

THE world around, or rather the visible world, is, as you know, full of wonderful possibilities, though yet imperfect, because unconquered; illusory and shadowy only because man has not reached the crown of being. As man evolves, the whole material plane is lifted into a higher condition. The seasons depend on Gad in man, and are according to the inner mind. The world is wild and lawless in some regions, so much so that man is subject to the nature or world spirit. Misused energy and uncontrolled force call for lord and master, as the trees of old asked for a king to reign over them.

If you read this parable carefully, you will find much hidden truth. God made man to rule and to have all things subject to him. The world is gradually learning some of these higher mysteries. If you had a tree or plant under your control, in time it would respond, and assume its highest possible form, on condition you became at one with its hidden laws, and you are meant to become this. I merely give you this simple truth to lead you higher. The physical world is governed by its own forces and passions, and not by the spiritual, the only real. For the teaching of this very lesson Jesus stilled the storm with the word "PEACE," since He had control over His own natural and physical self, and afterwards used the God-given right of dominion. You are the channels through which the divine will and energy manifests its one self. To effect this you must become selfless and at one, for the Lord thy God is one Lord and not many.

There are spiritual treasures hidden in your earth awaiting your appropriation. These wonders and glories are unrevealed to the physical or fallen man. Cain stands as the symbol for the spiritually blind; he speaks the truth when he says: "My, punishment is greater than I can bear." Christ your Redeemer is leading you back to your own. You are alive to the truth of being-the omnipotence of God in man.

You are now learning that the natural and sense body can have no control, but should manifest wholeness and love. There is a great and glorious work to be done on your plant: the Christ work of healing-and this is possible to all who have spiritual control. We urge you to do your part. God never fails, and victory is yours. You will know exactly how to act as the need arises. Take no thought-only in all things obey the spirit, and never for a moment allow the senses to suggest failure, fear, or doubt. On all occasions speak to the senses the word of power-"Get thee behind me, Satan." God waits to pour Himself out. I say you can prove Him. He never fails or makes a mistake. Do you not see what a beautiful work awaits you? You receive by giving. The more you bless, the greater the power of blessing.

Love is the greatest of all healers, and finds its own way.