Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

SO that you may the better understand ever present time, I will make this statement, which is absolute truth: no time has passed since our last lesson, it was and is NOW. Man and not God made yesterday and will make tomorrow. This is to you the seventh month in the year . It is the day on which Christ was born, and it is the only day that has ever been. Time cannot pass. There is no past. Man is a new creation by the power of the living Christ. You may not understand at once, but you will. Can you conceive of Christ ageing? Have you never discovered the wonderful fact in the thought of the eternal youth of the Christ? As Christ is, even so are we, although it doth not yet appear to physical or mortal sense.

You speak of us as the unreal. The truth is quite the reverse. We are on the only real plane, and your physical plane or plane of the senses is to us the unreal or the shadow. We find many vital laws exactly the opposite of those in operation on your plane. You are there to bring into manifestation spiritual laws, and Christ showed you this possibility. Water was not able to engulf spirit when spirit was absolutely controlling the physical atoms. There shall no evil or accident befall thee, nor any sickness come nigh thy tabernacle (or body). Your sicknesses, disasters, are the result of your descent, or rather of your wrong plane of being. The Fall is a present and not a past fact. Man's real fall is that he is content with the shadow of good. He still eats of the tree of good and evil and until the Christ fills the whole consciousness, man will ever be at war with himself, his brother, and his God.

Man's understanding is clearer, and light is breaking everywhere. You can read your Old Testament more intelligently, seeing in the symbols the inner and spiritual ideas of God. The waters of Marah were bitter; this was the result of the bitterness of the people. Man makes the quality of the land; the flow of waters increases or decreases according to laws hidden within yourselves. You have made the very form of your island, England, by your thoughts and inner forces. Look to it that you obey the voice of spirit, for man was made to have dominion. The very changes of climate, all seeming disasters, are in accord with the life and being of man, and until man has come into and unto God, back to Eden, you will seem to wait for the new Heaven and the new Earth, "for in that day they shall neither hurt-nor destroy in all My Holy Mount." I have lifted the veil that you may see the need of giving the utmost for the highest. Blessed be God for Jesus Christ, the Son of Man and Son of God.

In the story of the bitterness of Marah is a hidden truth: ingratitude and murmuring brought bitterness. It is the same today. Your thoughts, if they are the suggestions of the senses, will still lead to bitterness and ashes. Learn the secret of praise and thanksgiving, the oil of joy. Even in the wilderness experience the waters shall be sweet. You shall partake of the milk and honey. The manna is at your very feet, enough for each day, for Christ is that heavenly manna. Feed on Him in your heart by faith.

The very gifts you seek are poured out in rich abundance. Lift up your eyes and see. Just inasmuch as you yield to the divine innermost, as you live and bring forth the fruit of the spirit, to that extent shall you have access to all that earth and heaven can yield. There is no want to the children of God. There are times on the physical plane when the way is hid, and the heavens seem as brass. You can open the floodgates by steady thanksgiving and certain hope. If you only knew, the closed doors are the senses, brought up against a wall of their own Construction, a wall of doubt, fear, and falsity. A breath of the spirit of God consumes them. You are greater than shadow, sense, or clay. Having your feet on the Rock, they cannot slide. God is with you. Complete harmony will be realized, for God is working out His divine purpose in you.