Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 24 Omnipresence
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

ALL you have ever prayed, longed, and hoped for exists. So mighty is good. You are laying up treasure where there is no corruption, and all your good is your real wealth. You are making your future home, and your future self, by the way you live now. Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven. We would fill you with more hope and joy. The souls that have perceived something of the illumination from the light of all men have been overwhelmed by the knowledge of the possibilities of their own lives.

Let us come very near in our understanding of omnipresence. God, who fills all space, knows nothing of past or future, but is eternally present. He is Alpha and Omega, the same yesterday and for ever. The whole human race is meant to understand this. Let me explain. You sometimes wonder at what seems loss of memory in us. We can recall anything of good that we wish. We learn the higher spiritual laws very quickly, and there is one that is best explained by the words "All time is the present." At once we cease to hurry, a great strain drops from us, all is ours, and we must take our own. To some who are here this blessed truth is a great part of their Heaven. When the eager souls, who imagine they must do a certain amount in a given space of time, discover this, the effect on them is to renew their energies, unfold wider prospects, and service becomes a rest. They truly begin to live. To the weary heart the present is enough. To live on the spiritual plane is to live in reality, not spasmodically and in limits.

Pause and think-How can time be divided? Day and night are explained to us as the inflow into and the outflow from the ocean of ever-present time. It is a wise law-the eternal present, the glorious NOW, a rest and a joy, a satisfaction too full to make us wish to look backward or forward, since we know that all is well. The sufficiency is the actual present. Think over this carefully, that your joy may be full. "I AM" is the present tense for all time.

This beneficent and merciful consciousness is the outcome of love. Just think a moment what the effect of entering into this realization would be on your earth. To draw the very next breath direct from God, with no past memory of wrongs or sins, filled only with the knowledge of the great love-life, assimilating all the good into the present, living the blessed NOW: think what it would mean. This is what Christ teaches you. To say, "Lazarus, come forth," was to speak from the spiritual plane, realizing only the present life.

Do you not see here the true secret of eternal youth, each stage of unfoldment opening up a richer, riper youth? I am the Lord, I change not. Open your eyes and see this wondrous truth. You can be just as much of God as you are prepared to manifest. Even now you hold within yourself the accumulated good of all the ages. Christ the Son of God in the heart of humanity reaches out to man until he awakes to divine consciousness.

The seven acts of Christ become actual to man, instead of belonging to a past period. He experiences the birth, the awakening in the Temple, the anointing, the temptation, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the ascension. Christ must be in you; nothing avails man from the outside, all is from within. Thank God for Jesus Christ, "the unspeakable gift" of God. The evolution of one soul exalts the whole race. "That they all may be one."

The understanding of time as a present fact would remove false ideas of inherited ill. In order to bring this higher law into action on the sense plane, the mind would at once cease to up hold the working out of ignorance and sin; yet at the same time it would not alter the effect of past cause, seeing that only the good that man does has any real vitality. The sense of physical law makes both good and evil seem of equal power. Good must, overcome evil by its own vitality. In truth, it is the real and the only real. Realize the present. As you read you will understand.

Peace to all.