Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 21 Matter And Its Relation To Spirit
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

HERE is always a moment in life when we differentiate between the material and the spiritual. It happens in a variety of ways. Thomas dropped the false belief immediately, when he saw the truth; material beliefs dropped entirely away and never ruled him afterwards. Pilate knew, when face to face with Christ, that he could never touch the real life, although he delivered Jesus over to the people. He had seen the eternal Christ when alone with Him. The whole of truth is beyond your present comprehension. No man can touch truth or stay the new vision now opening up to the eyes of men.

One of the great hindrances to understanding is fast slipping away-the old belief in the solidity of matter. There is no such thing as solidity in or on the planet. The instant you ceased to be vibratory, your body would disintegrate and fly off the planet. Spirit is substance, and is not subservient to natural law. Perpetual motion is the key to the attraction of atoms. The whole planetary system is a vortex of convolutions, orderly and continuous. True, man's material body is formed of the dust of the earth, though with eternal wisdom and harmonious wholeness. Your body holds in its material form an infinitesimal atom or grain of every part of the globe. You cannot behold anything in that material world of which you are not a part. You are a part of the three kingdoms-mineral, vegetable, and animal. Thus man in the natural world has rule over all. This is not so of any other earth-life, as each animal is distinctly and only an animal, but man in the process of the ages has come up through all, that he may possess and have rule over all.

You are not matter. You cannot become material, and you must not be deceived by material appearances. Although the value of matter in relation to your spiritual evolution is very great, yet I would have you know that spiritual laws are supreme. Your body should be perfect, for Is it not a magnificent vehicle for the spiritual form? While in the flesh, you learn to use spiritual weapons. When you enter the interior and spiritual world, you will know that faith was made real to you. While in the flesh you should reach out for that which is behind the visible. Faith, the strongest principle, is made your own by your simple trust, though you knew nothing of the reality.

Oh! the greatness of faith, the power and might of it! Have faith, for only by it can you rise to spiritual heights, and your earth experience is the best, nay, the only means of revealing you to yourself. Have faith in God, faith in man, faith in all good. We on this side in very truth have found that faith can remove mountains. It is literally true that the whole landscape before your eyes can be obliterated by faith.

This is a law; I will explain. You see now only in part that the things before you, houses, churches, etc., are the outcome of man's limited thought. He has been dimly working out a spiritual idea. The spiritual idea is the only fact, and not the bricks and mortar. There is really only the spiritual conception of a home, a church, a road, and with the eye of faith you could see the real only, for I assure you again that the spiritual is the only real.

In many instances the real is utterly unlike the appearance. It is so much more beautiful, for man is always working out the idea of God. Now you have this understanding, you can sympathize with an artist who says: "This building or picture is only the faintest conception of my idea." If he could only have the eye of faith he would see before him the complete spiritual thought expressed, and he would be overcome with gladness and delight. Thus at present you see through a glass darkly, ever reaching beyond the seen and the felt, that you may unfold the spiritual perception through mist and cloud, ever cheered by the hope of realization.

It is a wonderful time for you now. You are growing wings and preparing the spiritual body for its real existence.

Now, for your body I would have you use the eye of faith, that you may bring into operation the higher spiritual law. Your thought and idea become an outward manifestation. You become your own idea, but remember, it is you yourselves who open to the higher laws. It is for you to say, "Thy will be done in me "; it is no longer for the senses, but for Christ in you, to will and to do. Creation is God manifest in the flesh. God is with you.