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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 19 Heaven Is Within You
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

MAY I help you in this chapter by giving you some little experience of my own. I think you know that the passing from the earth plane is different for almost every individual, and is entirely what each one makes it. The birth into real life should be exactly like an awakening on a beautiful morning when the dawn is stealing over the land, touching everything with a purity and freshness belonging only to the first hours of the day. It is meant that we should open our eyes and see God everywhere; just this simple, homely, all-familiar awakening into harmony and peace. God grant that you all may begin this experience where you are, then you will enter the more fully into reality, when that which is in part shall be done away.

The consciousness of God is stealing over the earth, touching all things into purity and truth by its burning, glowing love. The fire descends and ascends, as revealed to you in the symbolic sacrifice of Abel. All things are revealed to you in your Scriptures. Man has made this book the medium of interpretation wherein God reveals wisdom. If you only knew, you could read God in every inspired work, but the Bible is your rich and hallowed treasure. In this ancient story you find the eternal truth of the two in One, the place of meeting-a place of sacrifice. Read carefully.

I passed into the plane of realities gently. My transition was entirely unexpected by my friends. For this I thank God, as my dear ones were spared the cruel anticipation and dread of separation. This was a great help to me, as I soon found I could comfort and help them to something of my joy. This we can all do. What we cannot do is to rid you of false beliefs. This you must do for yourselves. You can never lose your own, here or hereafter. More than that, you find that your own is greater, your circle wider, your loved ones infinitely more beautiful and even more familiar, for there is nothing strange in love.

Rejoice! Have no fear. Fear is the cloud that dims the spiritual vision. The angels came to say "Fear not." Fear would keep you from all that is good. It is nothing more than an emanation from the material sense, and can be dispelled in an instant by the perfect love. Man is rising out of the fear of evil, the fear of God, the fear of man. The truth will set you free from all that separates man from God.

The very heathen are seeking God by the lowliest worship, for in their worship is aspiration. I discovered this when freed from the body. I was slow to comprehend that I had passed through the experience called death to find myself a living and breathing soul, never so much alive as then. It was too much for me. I felt overwhelmed by the reality and the unlimited sense of things slowly dawning upon me. Was it a delicious dream? You see, much of my false belief clung to me. I had expected a great, a tremendous change in personality. I forgot that Jesus showed His hands and His feet; the same Jesus. How slow we are to believe; but when we are ready to learn, we forget all error and ignorance and enter quickly into truth which is our own.

Bless and thank God for the knowledge of the wholeness and unity of the race. I tell you there is nothing lost into which God has breathed the breath of life. I thought also that I had not surely gone to Heaven, for I did not seem to be in any place. I had a new understanding, a fresh living consciousness of God. My eyes could see. The scales had fallen from my inner vision, and love seemed the very breath of being. It was too much to enter into. Then it was as though I slept. Oh! how can I tell of the awakening? Such an awakening will be yours too! The best and highest I had ever imagined was realized, the deepest longing of my nature satisfied, my purest thought answered. Spiritual truths were no longer in some far distance, but a part of my very self. This had always been; the only change that had come about was my unclouded consciousness of God. Now you see why I give you my personal experience, that you may know that Heaven is indeed within.

It was as if I had just begun real life. I was a child with everything to learn, and from then till now the unfoldment has never ceased. Ever fresh visions, wider horizons, reaching after a richer satisfaction, to find that God is without beginning and without end. Love never rests in enjoyment of itself. Love must pour itself out, and a longing came to me to help those who were coming along the road I had travelled. Oh! to tell them something of the indwelling Christ. We love you all, and long to show you what you possess. I want you to understand that there is no separation between us. We are interior inhabitants, but there are other inter-penetrating states of existence. Of them I will not speak now.

It is a great joy to be able to reach you with these thoughts. You need not wait for Heaven. God Heaven-the whole of good is yours now. Christ is God incarnate and dwells within your heart, so near that the feeblest whisper is heard, aye, before you speak. He hears and answers, for He is behind all thought and speech. He also fills all space.