Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 18 Idea-The Expressed Image
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

SUNDAY was a day of great joy to me. The seventh day has a deep meaning for your planet. There is a correspondence to your Sunday with us, for the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord our God. Real prayer is a great attraction to us; deep earnestness is the open door for its answer. It attracts by its magnetism, the fulness of its need. In our last lesson I told you that the place of creation in the individual, the spiritual ground for the projection of thought from the divine innermost, was the imagination.

Our next consideration is IDEA. First, the eternal mind; secondly, the thought; thirdly and lastly, the outcome of both is the idea, that which is to become manifest in the outermost plane of being.

What are your ideas for the most part? Are as they only and entirely the outcome of divine thought? Do you express the living Christ? I want to make clear to you the omnipotence of the divine man and the reality of the God idea. Try and stand with me as you read this, and look out upon the earth plane. You will be filled with a longing desire to fulfil all the law, even as Jesus did. The end is from the beginning-God, the end of all separation. The great Love will leave the ninety and nine to bring in the remaining one, for all shall be in the kingdom of our Lord Christ.

God's idea for your world and for you is perfection and nothing less. There are many who have passed from your earth still clinging to the false idea that matter is substance, the result of long ages of sense belief. Good spirits, often deeply reverent and noble, they still live on the material plane; it is to them real. They like to see their thoughts expressed on the material plane. This is a hindrance to them, all ignorance is, as they cannot unfold to the higher experiences.

Give more time to quiet, that you may have the reflection of God upon the mirror of your imagination, that you too may become God's idea, for He has said: "Be ye holy." The growth of this perfect idea has become manifest to us. As you wait upon God a great underwork is going on, and afterwards it beareth fruit.

Close the door of your closet against the suggestion of the senses, that God's Idea may manifest in your body, for "if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Full, rich life-blood pulsates through the heart at one with God. This is the touch of healing, because the vitality of the whole universe is no longer separate but delights to pour itself through its own God-given channels.