Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 17 Imagination
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

THE body is the covering and the garment of spirit, and you are learning that spirit is ruler. At first you may not see results, but the work begins the instant you function from the spiritual plane. Do not be discouraged-as I was-at not seeing results. I see now that the work of healing was going on, even when things seemed at their worst. You: will thank God for the darkness and the struggle; you will prove their real friendliness. Christ's work in you is to proclaim liberty to captive souls, the opening of prison doors to them that are bound. Your body will be the beautiful garment of spirit, for salvation is not in part, but wholly.

You ask "What is thought?" Perhaps you have missed the true understanding. Thought is a creative process behind all phenomena.

It is not a mental concept, though it finds its avenue through the mentality. The thought is never separated from the thinker. The worlds with all their myriad forms in nature are thoughts expressed by the Absolute. You are God's thought, and so you also manifest love.

At the very heart of life, both universal and individual, is the well-spring of growth, from which all true life evolves. It is the Only ONE, the first cause of all, never outside Its own creation, but self-existent, inseparable from Itself; ever making for perfection and peace. This self of life is sending out rays of intelligence through its many channels, outpouring itself in infinite variety, but always One. The great outer enemy, the senses, would pervert, making separation even of the expressed Being, until, as a result of ages of ignorance, man has dared to think of himself as a complete and separate identity, looking on the suffering of humanity as something outside himself, looking on God as afar off.

God requires outflow from the great central life. This is a law steadily working itself out in the tiniest detail of your earth life. Your planet holds within it fire, water, and minerals of untold wealth, but it also holds a great invisible interior spiritual force, creative, reconstructive. This is thought, the outcome of the one life, breathing through stone, rock, and densest matter. Man limits himself by his mental process, and hinders the upspringing of the divine thought. (We see from our side.) Man gets a glimpse of a truth; he immediately begins to make it concise, gives it a form, clothes it by the mental process called reasoning; thus himself closing the avenue by separation from the whole. No truth is a part; there is but one truth. No man can hold all the truth. This is a work for all time.

You would do well to unfold the capacities for receiving by clearing the mind of limitations, beliefs that have become bondage, and by becoming even as a little child. Otherwise you cannot enter the kingdom. We see so much spiritual force imprisoned behind the closed mental doors of humanity. The spirit of God quickens the intellect, for it becomes enlightened by the true light. Open out to this hidden spiritual life, as the flower is nourished into full bloom by its own hidden forces.

Consider well the flowers of the field; they do not toil in order to blossom forth. You will become calm and steadfast, and the effect in the end will be a great peace both in your body and in your environment. It is God that worketh in you to will and to do. Man's mentality is not the place of thought. While the holy seed is unfolding, the work of creation begins in you, as at the beginning of all things. God's thought was your planet. When the life upsprings within you, it requires a place of action to manifest.

That which you call imagination is the ground for the expression of God's thought. You will learn to keep the imagination pure and holy, free from the contamination of the senses; for that which is imagined, afterwards becomes.

Your Scriptures unfold the importance of this, when they describe false imaginings, and speak of imagining mischief. A pure imagination is sometimes called "genius." It is the mirror of God. Let the Christ have full control of this, that you may awake in His likeness. It will reveal God's meaning to your understanding. Your imagination is God's best gift. The heart and the imagination are closely related-they act and re-act. The heart and the imagination should be pure. This involves real effort, but you will be richly rewarded. You will have the thoughts of God, your mind will reflect them, and enriched and illuminated by the Eternal, you will be conscious of ever fresh unfoldment. You will see, bear, and know only God. This lesson will unfold within you while you read. God is the only reality for all time.