Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 16 Truth Is Steadfast-Immovable
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

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TO receive this teaching you must exclude the vibrations of inharmonious personalities; it is highly injurious to allow an invasion of magnetic currents. This causes exhaustion and want of vitality. Keep perfect poise of spirit, never allowing any influence to enter the spiritual innermost, while sensitive and receptive. Try to help people to their own indwelling spiritual wealth, and do not imagine that it is the right thing to help them of yourself. It is far higher to help others to help themselves, leading them to the true source of all good. I suggest that you do not allow any but yourself to open the door of communication between yourself and us. You all need to remember your own right to rule in every condition and circumstance.

Let us consider together the meaning of the personal and of the universal, for there is much confusion of thought in your midst about these things. Jesus was both a spiritual personal identity and the Christ of God. This is God's meaning for you-with Jesus the divine teacher for your guide. Jesus the Christ became one with God when one with man. Only by withdrawing Himself from their midst as a personality could He really come again to His disciples in that interior sense which was to make of these ordinary men the great apostles of the Christian Church. Only by entering into the universal could He become the true individual in them and in us all, the You, the I AM of our life and theirs.

In that wonderful chapter of the Acts you may find the record of their first glimpse of the great cosmic consciousness, the inner illumination which will cover the whole earth as the waters cover the sea. They emerged from the limitations of time and sense into a larger spiritual freedom. Their loss of the personality of Jesus was their great gain of the Christ all in all. You are to become one with all mein, a great brotherhood and divine unity. The words will surely reveal the truth. At present this consciousness is dawning; surely we see the coming unity of man with man in God.

You will in no sense be less yourself but you will be greater in love and understanding. The suffering of some is the hurt of the whole. How beautiful are the feet of those who carry the tidings of peace and goodwill toward all men! Silently working in the heart of the nations is the Prince of Peace. We pray for open doors that the great interior life may flow out and expand, the very river from the Ancient of Days. There is perpetual healing wherever the river cometh.

Rest in hope. Be strong and of good courage, the day is coming-the night is past. In the darkest and outermost hell is God. There are planes below yours, some even unconscious of God, but all shall be redeemed. Every time you make a conquest on the material plane, you make better conditions for those below you. I repeat, every individual conquest is a victory for the whole race.

Pray often and love much; do not falter on the upward path, for when you fall, others fall with you. Thank God for your glorious opportunity here and now.

Read the Sermon on the Mount continually, and wait silently as the words unfold their meaning to you.