Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 12 "He That Hath Seen Me, Hath Seen The Father"
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

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HEAVEN is not a place to which you go, it is just where you are. You can enter heaven NOW. Good men and women from time to time have made this discovery, and henceforth "All is well." They have ceased to hurry, for the journey is over. They are no longer pilgrims and strangers, but children in the Father's home. The first thing we understand when we awake is, that there has not been any journey, or passing over and through vast spaces. We are just where we always have been-at home, alive for evermore. There is no separation from any one we love, or from any good that is ours. To enter heaven is to become lifted into a larger consciousness of God, and in this consciousness we possess much more really all those whom we love. We are nearer to you, and we often talk together. There is no parting, but only greater unity, No belief in distance and space is possible on the spiritual plane. I can only remember it when I wish to understand your conditions. In the clearer light we can no longer hold the false idea of limitation. All is ours and all is yours. To become spiritually-minded is life and peace. No suggestion of the carnal mind can ever produce good.

Thank God for the secret stir of life on your earth, like the sap in the tree, sending forth life exultant into every part. A glorious liberty is opening up before you. The captives are being set free, old bonds are bursting, fetters of ancient creeds are being snapped asunder. Be not dismayed, the battle is God's. Do not hug your chains; let go. Yield to the highest within you, and so become one with the great good, pouring forth healing and blessing through every waiting channel. The whole race is being lifted on to a higher plane. This work is going on in your very midst. We are full of thanksgiving at the thought that you may know the freedom of the children of God. Conscious union with God is your whole salvation; spirit, soul, and body. The knowledge of God's oneness with man, with yourself, is the open door to freedom. Jesus came to show you the way, for Christ is the Way.

I see you have not understood me about mind and thinking. This is a very wide subject. I can give you only the main points. The sense mentality, that delicate medium for spiritual truth, has shared in falsity-separateness-when it should have been the perfect channel for the one and only mind. Crammed by false thinking from the outer, it should have remained open to the divine inner and the only real, fed from the highest source, the real bread and true blood, which is Christ. It is the power to bring into subjection all sense perceptions, all false minds, alive in every part of the body. Every atom of your body should be under control, lest the hand, foot, or brain should gain supremacy, rule you, and bring about confusion.

The sense of separateness in every sense is your great enemy. We beg you to let the mind of the Christ control. IT is wisdom, IT is love, and IT is unity. Let this mind hold you, control you-sweeping through the outer body of flesh as its lord and king; so that each breath shall rekindle and glow. Ay, even the very dry bones shall reunite and breathe. So shall you die to sin and the sense of separateness, but live unto Christ. You will read and understand in your hearts.