Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 10 The Book
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

AT this point we will consider together the value of your Scriptures, the collection of books called by you "The Bible."

Books, words, letters, are all valueless in themselves. What you call inspiration is the true secret of their value. The spirit by its potency, its subtle vitality, can take any word from any language, on the plane of sense, and use it to convey meanings, to suggest thought, and often to pierce through a wall of sense impossible to the word of itself. Thus the word is only the vehicle or outer shell, hiding either the pearl of great price or a two-edged sword. The Word of God is quick and powerful; it is also sweeter than the honeycomb.

Inspiration, then, is the one spirit using for its channels many books and many methods; it is ever seeking avenues to pour out the abundant wealth and wisdom of God. Inspiration is possible to all men. That you can from the spiritual plane use sense, or empty words, so that they become vehicles of spiritual power, is a great and glorious truth. This, too, is genius, for God has spoken, and the ordinary language of time and sense is made eternal and spiritual.

In just this way, Jesus took the word "bread," and gave it a holy and spiritual meaning. When we pray: "Give us this day our daily bread," we are using words of great and significant meaning-seeking the nourishment that shall sustain us in very deed. In all things we are to bring reality and truth where nothingness and limitation have made chaos and darkness. Then we see the necessity for light: God's first spoken word at the Creation-LIGHT.

Written words are not the only means of communication, for the spirit comes into our outer man with great illumination, and to explain this you have no words. I pray that this may be your experience in all its fulness. It is the first and highest expression of God. The illumined soul moves through all life, radiating light the unconscious manifestation of divinity, a deep, inward peace, a real knowledge of men and of all things, a light which cannot be hid, for it is conveyed in every gesture, in every spoken word. Thus we understand an inspired or illumined soul. The real value, then, of the Bible is in the spiritual or inspired writer, who has opened your understanding to the things of God.

Added to this is another mighty factor-the place you have given the Bible. It holds the highest place amongst all your books, and it always will. Millions of people have lifted it, by their belief in it. In this we recognize the working of a law unknown to you. I can best explain it as the law of transmutation. The working out is as follows: You can lift everything into the highest place, until it becomes transmuted and purified, changing into very gold the basest metal of earth. This is the philosopher's stone, the transmutation into heavenly values by our faith in absolute truth. I am putting this key into your hands, that you too may begin even now to turn every experience into an opportunity to lift it into the highest until it becomes purified, transmuted pure gold tried in the fire of God; and not only this, but it returns to you a thousandfold, filled with richest meanings for all time. This is what has taken place with your Bible. You have given it this place, and your reward is that it will always reveal the highest things to you be cause of this very law. Take the Holy Book and read it much; seek the spirit, not the letter, in this as in all other things.

We are very much in earnest about these things, and if you remember that this beneficent law is always operating you will understand the effect in your lives. You have the power to bring any one whom you wish to help, into this place of blessing. Every act of your life, every expression of your thoughts, should be lifted towards the very highest. There will come to You a realization of a place of sinlessness within yourselves, a place of purity and perfection that nothing can touch or soil, for you have begun to BE, even as your Father who is in Heaven.

The Bible has become to you THE Book, but I would also have you know that God has inspired men and women with power to reveal, in our own time, even greater things, and ever fresh unfoldings from the heart of life. Above all things, we want you to have the open vision today, for greater things are coming, and God is doing wonders among you. Rejoice in the new revelation, abounding in hope. The new will reveal the old to you afresh. Have no doubts. Launch out into the deeps of God, and fear not.

Eternity is NOW.