Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 5 The Truth Of Being
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

THERE is nothing in life you need fear. You will become sure that you are safe at all times and in every place. This realization will reveal to you how much you have understood of the truth of being. Nothing can affect your real individuality. We want these lessons to help you to enter into your own now. It is wrong to hope and expect grace only at some future time.

Realize that spirit is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. What is there to wait for? Let me state here-spirit cannot be less than the greatest. You have been trying to make statements from without. Let all your affirmations come from within, suggested only by the inward voice. Let every other sound and sense be silent before it. Let this spiritual highest YOU take possession of your mortal body. The only things that have ever really helped you to a higher knowledge of God have come from within. Yon must be true and faithful to the Word that speaks. Thoughts are the outbreathings of this Word, the first cause of all. We can only help you to help yourself. Remember all through these lessons that nothing helps from without unless it receives recognition from within. The spirit is always revealing Christ, the whole and complete Saviour in you, the hope of glory or gloriousness. Your entire will, thought, and brain are led by this holy, invisible guide into knowledge of all truth. The moments of healing and, growth have been when all the unquiet voices of the senses were hushed and silenced, when all personalities had ceased to touch you, when you had learned to be still. Then God spoke in His Holy Temple. Oh that you would rest from Your false thinking and BE!

Your present phase is a training ground, and you can do there what would be out of place and difficult here-just as you would find it difficult to learn the lessons of childhood when you are adult. Many loved ones who dwelt with you

In the flesh have entered into the larger sphere to watch and pray with you. Listen to Christ Jesus the divine Man, and you will understand that His words are for you and have new meanings. That you may have life in all its fulness, that your bodies may be perfectly whole, that you may be safe from harm and accident, that the worst enemy may be conquered, even death itself, before you reach the thin veil which divides us: all this and more will be revealed to you, for all the works of God are "very good."

Tonight when you rest, do not allow the senses to suggest weakness or weariness; instead, allow your spiritual atmosphere within and without to enfold and invigorate you, until you are conscious of spiritual conquest before you sleep. Your whole body will be renewed by this holy baptism, and your awakening in the morning will be a triumph and a joy. The effect of this is a sweet cleansing of mind and body. So much is done during the hours of sleep and darkness. We pray that you may truly say: "Awake or asleep, I am still with Thee." Cease from worry.