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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Christ In You by Joseph Brenner - Part I-Christ In You

Lesson 4 Prayer
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

PRAYER is to us the breathing of the breath of life. It is the strongest spiritual element in all worlds. I think we may now discuss the subject of prayer-as I see you have used this powerful weapon to some extent ig-norantly. You say to some one in trouble: "I will pray for you," or you wish to help some one, say, in Australia. You know your wish is one with God's will, and you desire to bless with your whole being-but how do you send forth this God-energy? The prayer is often sent with the false idea of great separation, to a God afar off. It is never lost, but prayer of this kind enters into the vibrations most in accord with itself.

Although something is done in this way, the person you wanted to help is not helped to any great extent. Remember, Jesus spoke to the maid alone, when He entered the room, saying, it "Talitha cumi," and you too must be definite, clear, positive. Enter into your closet, the innermost of yourself, and there see the perfect will of God accomplished for your friend-this is simple faith-and never see or hear anything else. Restfully, and without strain, see victory in the name of Christ Jesus.

Now I will tell you what takes place when you speak from the God-centre of your being. In the strength of your calm assurance, false vibrations are withered entirely. There is neither darkness nor depth where God is not, and you bring the troubled spirit into touch with God instantly. We have seen this many times. You cannot estimate the value of true prayer. To us it seems as if you were like children set down in a great power house, not knowing the importance of the switches and electric forces around you, waiting for knowledge, yet ofttimes blind and deaf.

I use your language so that you may understand, but words fail to express spiritual realities. Your faith in God is your life and power.

With true prayer you shall ask what you will, and remember, nothing is yours unless you take and possess. We have never known true prayer to fail. Do not cast your care upon an outside God and wait for results. God being within you, the answer is not distant from the desire. The spirit within is one with God and Christ; how then can God be afar off? I have given you this advice for those who have special need, but I would have you pray always: "Thy Kingdom come" in every heart and life. For he who knows God in his own heart and in farthest space is at one with all nations, north, south, east, and west. In your love and prayer include them all. Live in the thought of love toward all, and your life will become one unceasing prayer, a constant going forth of God.

We would help to give you poise, that you may live always and only in the central life, dwelling on the plane of spirit, the only reality. Have done with shadow and illusion-enter into rest. Cease from time limitations. Remember our first lesson-You always are, and you always will be. Try to realize this now. Rest from your anxieties and live in the eternal. The blessing of God is with you always and for ever.