Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XX The Comforter

Chapter XX The Comforter
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

And it was Love, the Spirit of God, that the Father would send in His Name, or as representing Him, to teach them all things, the things He could not teach them while He was with them, because they would not understand so long as they worshipped and looked only to Him, Jesus the Man. But in that day, when Love, the Comforter, came and was established and living in their hearts, then they would know the real Christ, the Christ which was the real Jesus; and they would then know that they too were in the Father, and that the Father was in them.

From this you may now understand what Jesus meant when He said, "If I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am, ye may be also." And, "At that day ye shall know that I am in the Father, and ye in me, and I in you." (Also read the 19th and 21st verses of John 14.)

Thus you see how Christ Jesus becomes the Comforter, the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, who will teach us all things and guide us unto all truth.

In the light received from these remarkable words, we earnestly urge that everyone study most carefully the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th chapters of St. John, trying to grasp all of the wondrous meaning therein. A glorious reward awaits all who persist until they get what the Master intends for them.

From what has been stated it should be clear that in these chapters Jesus sought to impress upon His disciples what was the crux-the vital essence of His Message and Mission upon Earth, so that they might carry it unto all the World and thus finally bring about the redemption of humanity.

The Christ, the Holy Spirit of the Father, is within every Man, is the Real Self of every man, even as it was the Real Self of Jesus. That was the essence of His Message, and must be the essence of the teaching of every one of His disciples, in order that all men may seek and find the Christ as the Comforter within themselves. And when they have found Him there, they become His true followers, and ever afterwards seek to have all of their brothers also find Him there.

Think you that Jesus has changed? He wants not your worship now, no more than He wanted it then. His work is as much now as it was then-if not more so-to have all men find the Christ within, that all may become a part of the One Consciousness where Divine Love rules; for only by seeking and finding that can humanity be redeemed and be led back into the Father's Kingdom, which Jesus tried so hard to explain and to have all understand is the great goal of humanity.

Now we would apply this truth in some very important ways.

First, to those who perhaps feel because they have never been blessed with a vision of the Master that they are not worthy enough or are not as Spiritual as others so privileged. Just know that if you are conscious of a Great Love in your heart and your soul yearns to serve wherever you can, you are surely known to the Master and are beloved and blessed by Him and by the Father. And also know that many of the world's greatest servers have not known conscious illumination and have never seen the Master's face.

Secondly, to those who are more or less conscious on the inner planes, and who believe they are being guided and taught by intelligences there. Let all such know that if such teachers are doing everything possible to help you find the Christ within, constantly pointing out to you that Christ as your Higher Self is the Greatest Teacher and God's Spirit within you, to whom you must always turn for confirmation of what they teach as your final authority,-then they are truly disciples of the Master sent to aid you to find the Kingdom. All others, no matter who they claim to be or who you assume them to be; no matter how much knowledge they may be teaching or how marvelous seem the things they say and do for you,-are leading you on to disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement; for they are not the Divine Ones your mind believes them to be. (Reread in this connection the chapter on Masters in "The Impersonal Life.") Think long and carefully on this, and seek positive confirmation of it from the Comforter within your heart.

Thirdly, to those who are receiving teachings from some earthly teacher, society, order, or religion, and whose teachings at present satisfy you and seem to be of the highest type. If they are teaching as above, ever pointing you within to Christ as the one source and authority for you; and not attracting and holding your interest by the promise of powers to be gained by purchasing and studying their teachings, subtly drawing your attention to themselves or to their leaders and to the powers and wonders accomplished by them,-then they too are beloved disciples and centers of Light and are bringing many souls to the harvest. Those who are charging for their teachings, requiring students to pay a set price, while they may be helping many to gain the first principles of the truth, yet you may know they have no real Spiritual knowledge to impart; for Spiritual teachings are not given through such channels. Those who are drawn to such teachers and who pay the prices asked, however, get value received; for in time they learn what such teachers do not and cannot teach, and if they are real seekers they will later be brought to the consciousness where they can receive the true teachings of the Spirit.

Always remember then that within you is your Higher Self, the Comforter, the Christ of God, Who knows all things, and Who, when you turn in loving faith and trust to Him, will guide you unto all Truth; that your Higher Self, as a Son of God, is superior to any Master, Guide or Teacher, for they likewise are guided and taught by their Higher Selves, Who are one with yours in Christ. Therefore there is sure guidance and the highest authority for you always within you, no matter how far you climb the Spiritual heights. And also remember that what any teacher, regardless of his name, wisdom or authority, teaches you, must always be confirmed by your Higher Self, before you can accept it and make it your own.

Think very earnestly on all of the above and see if any of it affects seriously any of your previous beliefs. If so, seek within for guidance-not from any outside teacher, and from outside we mean from any entity other than your Higher Self; for the time is here when you must decide whom you will serve-the Master within, or the one without.