Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have

Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Because the words given are the Truth about every human soul-for they are about the Higher Self of every soul- when spoken in the full consciousness of that Truth, only good and a blessing can result. But your mind must be cleansed of all doubt and hesitation, and only a confident knowing must accompany the words as they go forth on their mission.

When you have accustomed yourself thus to see and know Truth and to speak powerfully from that knowing, then you are ready for definite work.

Let each Group, when sufficiently established in this knowing, choose for itself how it can best serve in its community. Let them at a meeting selected ahead for this purpose, after meditation and prayer decide on some regular active service, each one dedicating him or herself to the Master, Christ Jesus, asking to be used to further in every way possible the Work the Father is doing through the Brotherhood. Ask that you may become a conscious and integral part of the Brotherhood, so that you may work as one with Them.

Along with the service you have chosen to do-whether it be a simple healing service held at a stated hour each day, or if it be a more comprehensive work that may be given to you from the Spirit-we now suggest the following: Each noon at 12 o'clock, whether a member of a Group or not, train yourself to let nothing interfere with your dropping whatever you are doing, preferably going into a room where you may be alone-the same room each day- if possible, and to "Speak the Word" according to the card, preceded by the following (adding whatever you may be led to say):

"Beloved Father, I come again this day to offer myself as a channel through which Thou canst pour the Light of Thy Love and Truth into the world of men's consciousness.

"Through Thy power vested in me, I now speak these words of Truth and direct the Light of Thy Love especially to - (naming those you would help); also to all the dear ones who are similarly consciously serving Thee; to all who are seeking the Light, but whose human selves are still wandering in darkness; to the President of our Country, and to all representatives of Thy people who are holding high places and who have pledged to do their duty worthily in Thy sight; and finally to all souls, dear Father, whom Thou wish quickened, awakened by these Words and by them recalled to that which they came into the world to do, --

"Beloved of God, in your true being, etc. (then proceed with the words on the card. - see Appendix)."

The faithful, regular and zealous following of these instructions will accustom your mind and all its faculties to actual service, and will train you into being a capable instrument for the Master's use. More than all it will be instilling into your mind the consciousness of actually being used by the Brotherhood; for definite evidence of such use will soon be noted, from the blessed results that will follow.

True workers, that is, conscious workers, those fully conscious of the power and authority vested in them as actual members of the Brotherhood of the Spirit, are only too few; and the need is so great that when any are found who give themselves sincerely and selflessly to the Master anxious to serve, let no one doubt that they will be quickly put to work; opportunities will soon be brought to them and they will be shown clearly how they can serve.

However it is earnestly hoped by this time that everyone anxious to serve will have so disciplined the mind that it has become an obedient servant of the will. An excellent aid to such discipline is in your daily meditation to arrange with the other members of your Group to meditate each day at the same hour and to meet in spirit at the same place- the one where you hold your weekly meetings. Try to see each one sitting in his or her regular chair and to know if they are actually there and check up afterwards to prove if you were correct in determining if they were or were not present meditating with you. For those who "feel" and "see" themselves in their places at such times are actually there in their soul bodies, and will be seen or sensed by the others who are sensitive enough.

This is a most valuable practice, for it may develop clairvoyant and other powers that will prove most useful in many ways, as you will soon learn. Thus you will find yourself coming into that which your Higher Self intended from the beginning-the power to serve and to be a selfless instrument for His use. May it speedily manifest for each one who reads these words, is our earnest prayer.