Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have

Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

You are continually sending forth from your mind station both thought and picture vibrations which are being received perhaps by many other mind stations attuned to receive them. And it is from other mind sending stations that you are continually getting the many thought pictures and suggestions which enter your mind station-if you do not have it shut off. The trouble is very few turn off their mental switches but let anything of whatever nature that happens to be "on the air" come in, and they may be hearing jazz music, jazz talks, and seeing jazz pictures all day long-just as some let their Radios run all day long, and most of the night also.

Now selfless love is the highest vibration known to man, and is the vibration above all vibrations to which Christ Jesus is attuned. Therefore when anyone in pure and selfless love directs their thoughts to Him, He receives them as your Radio receives what comes from the station to which it is tuned in. And to His Mind, being of the highest type, there comes also a vision of the sender accompanying his or her thought vibrations; even as television machines bring pictures of those speaking or singing amid the scenes that surround them.

You all know that this is done instantaneously. But Jesus' Mind, because of its being such a high type, is in no way limited, as are mechanical instruments, and He can receive and appreciate messages coming at the same time from many senders, and can answer them all by instantaneous loving thoughts and blessings sent in return.

And if you will think how television operates you can glimpse how in psychic visions the Master seems to appear before the various seers and to speak to or bless them, or whatever it is that He intends to convey. The fact in most cases probably is that He just sends His loving messages mentally and the human mind, being naturally far less perfect than His mind, receives and outpictures it according to the nature of its religious and mental training, believing Him to be personally present; even as some might believe a television picture was an actual experience enacted in their presence.

Those who have studied the processes of the human mind know that its nature is such as automatically to build mental pictures of every thought vibration that enters the consciousness. A thought thus becomes a picture, and on all the outer and inner planes of human consciousness what one really sees are the mind's picturized interpretations of thoughts or vibrations coming from the minds of others. These pictures or thought creations fill the astral and mental realms of mortal consciousness, and as they all have to be redeemed and lifted up into the Christ Consciousness, you can see what a work we have to do. But with the Master's help we who know are about our Father's business, which is carrying the Light of Love-of the Christ knowing- down into the darkness of men's minds, lighting them as fast and as much as is possible at the present time.

The above does not mean that Jesus does not actually visit and heal and bless by His personal Presence in the lower planes of the inner realms. When it is necessary He always comes, but as you may realize it is only in extreme cases that He does not accomplish what He wills mentally through the wonderful power of His Divine Wisdom and Love, or through His Disciples and the many workers under them, through Whom He principally works. Study the Radio in connection with your own thought processes in the light of the above, and many illuminating explanations of mental phenomena will come to you and you may be able consciously to send and receive messages and to see their senders and those who receive them.


In the 16th chapter we gave you suggestions to try out in Group Work, and urged that you learn the words on the card "Speaking the Word" and practice using them so that you can speak them freely and with full conviction of their Spiritual power.

Some have reported using them with most beneficial results, and we wish now to impress upon you the importance of studying and perfectly acquainting yourselves with all that was stated about their use in the first article of the 16th chapter. In fact all should study carefully the whole article, for these instructions when learned and proven are the basis of all future work, and will establish you in the consciousness necessary for real work in the Cause of Brotherhood.

The truly in earnest ones will find, when speaking these words in this consciousness, because of their being pure Truth they have a magical power and do bring about a definite change in the consciousness of those for whom they are spoken. A healing results, or a happy change in conditions, or a freeing from mental bondage-whatever was the relief sought, convincing you that you are being used to help and bless others.

The question will arise, for just whom should one speak the Word-for anyone that asks, or for anyone who needs and who has not asked for help?

In the first place try always to be guided by the strong, loving urge in your heart, and always speak them with your heart filled with a loving desire to help. And then whenever called upon to help, turn within for guidance, and obey whatever you are led to do. If you always follow these suggestions you will never make any mistake.