Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have

Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Likewise is sickness permitted-in order to bring you to the knowing that a Son of God, an Immortal Soul, dweller in many bodies, is a Spiritual Being, whose life and intelligence rules the flesh and knows not inharmony and disease. When you truly realize that and think and hold in consciousness only the thoughts of eternal being, perfect health becomes your natural and permanent expression. Likewise with such realization true happiness floods your consciousness, for then you will gladly let the life and intelligence of your Real Self rule, and will try no more to do or be anything yourself; for why try to do or be what a Son of God always will do perfectly and always is in all the glory of His Divine Perfection.

Can you not now see what this means for you, and that it only awaits your acceptance of this great truth-of your letting go, yielding yourself wholly to Him, keeping your mind and heart clean of all things unworthy of Him, so that He will have them always ready for His use?

Oh, dear friend, if we can only impress the great significance of all this upon you-so that you will determine with all the might of your soul henceforth to permit no thought or feeling in your mind that is not all good and which you do not want to outmanifest,-then these words are not written in vain.

If you would really do this, and it is the only way to financial, physical and spiritual freedom, then when any untrue or negative thought approaches, say:

"Begone! You have no part in me. I am Spirit. I harbor only the good and perfect thoughts of my Father in Heaven." And with a prayer to your loving Father that His vision and strength aid you, begin this moment to make your mind a pure and holy habitation for His thoughts only, and your heart an abode which He can fill with His love and through which love He can inspire and direct every activity of your life.


Every thinking mind must wonder how Jesus, our dear Lord and Master, is always available and always ready and able to hear and to help every earnest soul who calls to Him in sincere love and trust.

Surely there must be many from all parts of the world, and perhaps also in the inner planes, who call to Him at the same time. So how can He hear all and answer all? First, we must try to realize that His Mind, because of his conscious Son ship, is omniscient; that is, is all-seeing, and that to Him space and time do not exist. We have some evidence of this in the highest type of clairvoyance and in intuition. Of the omniscient powers of intuition most of you have had convincing proof. Surely then it is true that in Him both of these faculties must be developed to their ultimate degree-in the light of what is stated in the preceding articles about Him.

Now recall that He is the manifested Love of God, is the Representation of Love sent to humanity by the Father to serve as the Intermediary between humanity and the Father. In fact He, as Love, is the only way unto the Father. We mean this to imply that as Christ Jesus He is both the Presence within us of that Love, and is the Way-Shower and Teacher without Who is leading us unto the Father. Therefore He is both the Way and the Door through which we must pass to enter the Father's Consciousness. Think on this great truth until you glimpse at least some of its deep meaning.

Now because of His being such an Intermediary and the Way, He must be closely in touch with and working in all the Inner Planes of Consciousness between humanity's outermost and the Father's own consciousness deep within. He has been seen on the earth plane in the inner realms many times, from the reports of those who saw Him on the battle fields in the recent War. And many others daily report seeing Him in visions on various other planes up to the highest that outpicture themselves to human comprehension. And even in the highest plane He is seen descending through a brilliant sunburst of light surrounded by angels. But in all planes He comes to help, to heal, to instruct, to bless; wherever there are those who need or who are engaged in loving service, there does He appear and give definite proof of the Father's love for His children. But how does He know when there is a need, you ask. Do you know anything about vibration? Most of you do, those who understand about "tuning in" on a Radio to a certain wavelength to get what is "on the air" and is being broadcasted by a certain station.

Do you know that each human brain is a perfect receiving and a perfect sending station, and is exactly the same as a Radio built for both purposes? Only the human brain existed first, and there were certain human intelligences who studied the mechanism of the mind's working to such effect that they were able to produce mechanical instruments by which they could create vibrations that would go forth "on the air" both as sounds and pictures and would be received by reciprocal instruments built to record them, even as the human mind is constantly sending and receiving them.