Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have

Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

For instance, how many of you have been strongly desirous of seeing a friend for some particular purpose, but at the time you were unable to go to him or her or reach them by phone, when that friend suddenly either called you by phone, or came to see you; or something may have directed you to the window and looking out you saw the friend coming up the street or taking a car to his home; or in other words some definite answer came to your silent call which set your mind at rest?

Many are the instances of hunches obeyed which have saved lives, prevented accidents, brought friends together, won desired ends, proving that some benevolent force was working to bring these about.

Now by such hunches or leadings we intend to prove to you that every human soul always has present within itself that which will unerringly guide it in every detail of its life towards its greatest good.

Let us reason together. You will remember in the 15th chapter how it was shown that your Higher Self is a Son of God who has brought your soul to its present state of unfoldment through many lives in many bodies, such as the one you now possess; but that the Higher Self, the Real You, chooses the time and the conditions into which again to incarnate to bring about a further development of the soul and to perfect an instrument in which You can do the work You planned to do of living Your Divine Life here on earth in a human personality the same as You are now living it in Heaven. (Read again carefully the first article in the 15th chapter.)

It was also shown how You in your Higher Self thus knew the end before the beginning, for all events in your life were planned and arranged by You toward that end. And we made it plain that the only wise thing for the human mind and personality to do is to accept this great truth and henceforth to seek to co-operate with You, to listen to and heed every leading which You give and which You are always giving it from within, as it has learned by the frequent hunches received when it learned to listen. Then what is the answer? First, to keep your mind clean of all untrue and negative thoughts. And secondly, to require it to listen to the Voice that comes from within. For just as surely as you prevent untrue and negative thoughts-those that the Real You does not want there-entering your mind, just as surely will your Higher Self put into your mind the true and positive thoughts that will attract to you the good which is waiting to deliver itself to you.

But this good cannot come to you until you want it more than anything else in life, which means when you are eager to do everything necessary to let it come-and will keep your mind clean and free of all thoughts that are not God's in tended thoughts for you; for your Higher Self is God in you and He can work and express Himself only through a mind channel made clean and perfect for His use. This of course means all thoughts of a negative nature about being poor, or sick, or weak, or discouraged, or lacking in anything; for such are untrue of God and likewise of a Son of God, who knows that all that the Father has is His. We know how appearances hinder and flaunt themselves before you, making it so hard for you to believe or do what we have stated. But obstacles are given you to overcome, in order to enable you to develop and use your Spiritual power.

You must always remember that Spirit alone Is and that you and all things exist only in Spirit-that is, in the One Consciousness, nowhere else. Also that what you think and believe, and thus hold in consciousness, exists to you, and such always out-manifests in your life and affairs. Therefore you must see and believe only the true and eternal things-the things of the Kingdom, which your True Self is waiting to shower upon you, when you are ready to accept them.

By thus seeing and knowing, and holding only to the Truth, the Truth will surely make you free. Also by abiding in the consciousness of your Real Self-the God-You, and letting His Words only abide in and rule you, you need ask for nothing, for then all good things will pour in freely upon you.

A mind that refuses to be misled by appearances and persistently holds in consciousness only the good, the true, the beautiful and perfect things that exist in the Kingdom, will as surely as tomorrow comes see these things outmanifest in its owner's life.

Do you want them to manifest in your life? Of course you do.

Can you do the simple things required of you to attain them? Of course you can. For your Higher Self is a Son of God, has all power, and is yearning to help you to attain them. For then He will have in you a perfect instrument through which He can do that for which He has long been preparing you.

You can see how this applies definitely and perfectly to the financial problem. If as a Son of God all that the Father has is yours, then you must abide in that knowing and let no appearances of whatsoever kind affect that knowing. Conditions of lack are permitted principally to bring you to that knowing; for not until you learn to know and to hold to the truth of the rich abundance of all things that are yours as a Son of God, will you ever be free from the consciousness of lack.