Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have

Chapter XIX Believe That Ye Have Received, and Ye shall Have
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

WE HAVE been receiving so many letters reciting conditions of real hardship, both of a financial and a mental nature, that we yearn to have everyone who needs find and use the always waiting help that is available to every soul willing to do his or her best to earn it. In this article we intend to show clearly how all such may find that help and how they may apply it to their individual problems no matter what their nature. In the article entitled "The Great Secret" in Chapter 13, we pointed the way to free yourself from all lack, limitation, inharmony, disease and trouble of every kind. Some have learned the Secret, have put it to practice, and consequently have found a peace and a happiness that is beyond human telling. For now they know with a sureness that nothing can alter that all that the Father hath is theirs.

Others, the great majority, and always those who need it the most, have never really tried to apply the Secret, chiefly because their minds are so filled with fears, anxieties and worries that hope or faith to back their efforts can not get in and stay long enough to inspire them seriously to try. All such worriers, as well as the many others who are seeking the way out of their various troubles, we now with deepest earnestness entreat to read carefully what follows, and to strive with the utmost power of their souls to prove its truth.

Dear friends, if we should offer you wealth, health, happiness, and you knew you could have all of these for a stated price, would you not, if you had the price, give all that was asked and more to gain these priceless blessings? Can anyone doubt, that you would?

Well we are doing that very thing,-we are offering you all three of these blessings, and you have the price asked, and can pay it-if you will. But you must pay it by doing something no one else can do but you-something requiring the intelligent and persistent use of your mind and your will. It simply means that you must begin to prove the truths of "The Great Secret," must henceforth let come into your minds no thoughts or feelings that you do not want to outmanifest in your body and affairs.

We recommend that you go back to "The Great Secret" and study it carefully until you get all of its intended meaning, or you will not be able to grasp the full import of what follows. All who persist in doing this, and who will not be satisfied until their Higher Self has shown them all of the marvelous truth that awaits them in what follows, will know that they have gained something that is worth more to them than anything else in the world.

Read again these words and try to realize that they are meant for you, that what they say is exactly true, and that it is all possible for you; and therefore that this we offer you is the biggest thing that could come into your life, and that it is yours for the doing of what is suggested. And there is not one who reads who cannot do it-if he will, and wants it badly enough.

We are trying to rouse you, dear friend, to make you see that you can have all of these things; we are trying to inspire in you the determination that you will have them, that you will do all that we suggest-if we convince you that by doing it you can have these blessings. If we have quickened in you such a determination then you are ready for what follows.

The first thing then must be for you from this time on carefully to watch and study your thinking and feelings and to let into your mind nothing whatsoever of a negative nature, and which you know has no part in your God-Self. All such thoughts and feelings come from without from other minds. Of course in your subconsciousness there are qualities that attract them, or they would not come. But you need not let them in to feed those negative and selfish qualities.

If such are not fed they soon will die of inanition, for they have life only as long as you give it to them by recognition; and when you no longer admit the thoughts and ideas they attract they will be supplanted by the opposite qualities that your new thinking will create.

When by persistent effort you have acquired the habit of shutting out all negative thoughts and feelings, you will more and more become conscious of inspiration from a high source making you aware of definite guidance and instruction. In other words, your mind now being cleansed of selfish and untrue thoughts which have no part in your real nature, your higher mind will begin to pour in the consciousness of your Divine Self.

Such watching and studying of your mind and its thought processes is one of the most important practices in which you can engage, for you soon will begin to realize your power to control and direct your thinking, and that thereby you are learning to be master of your fate. With this realization will come a new consciousness in which you will gradually be able to abide and from which you will more, and more think, speak and work.

How will that consciousness begin to manifest itself? By what some call "hunches." You will have leadings, strong urges from within, that will claim your attention and which if heeded will always bring satisfying and happy results, but which if unheeded will end in sorry mistakes and often trouble.

Everyone receives such hunches. In other words everyone has guidance, but very few heed and profit by it. There is not one who reads these words that cannot recall many instances of definite leadings which brought real inward satisfaction because of obeying what he was impelled to do. And many have noted that they receive guidance even in little things, in matters seemingly unimportant at the time but which nevertheless serve to impress the mind with the fact that Something Within knows what is best, aye, sees ahead and knows the good which awaits and is eager to lead them to that good.