Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVIII Christ, the Logos

Chapter XVIII Christ, the Logos
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


In the last chapter, written before Easter of 1930, you were told of some of the services held in the inner realms preceding Easter. But such would not be complete without a description of the Easter ceremonies themselves. Please know that each Easter morning there are ceremonies performed also in the physical by many pilgrims from far and near who come to Jerusalem to participate in them, few of course-the psychic ones only-being aware of the great throngs who are present on the inner planes, even as most group members are unaware of the invisible audience always attending their weekly group meetings. The pilgrims in the flesh as is their custom began to arrive shortly after midnight, and by one o'clock they were coming in crowds, all anxious to be there to watch for the first break of day.

As for the pilgrims who were to come by "air route" on the inner planes, about 11:30 Saturday night many hundreds of the White Brotherhood might have been seen coming to all parts of the earth, drifting earthward to the many good souls in the physical who were ready and willing to give of their soul power in spiritual aid to all whom they would be called upon to help.

Every dear one in a Study Group and all true seekers of the Inner Life were visited by some of the Holy Souls and in their soul consciousness were carefully instructed and then guided over the thousands of miles between their homes and the place of worship on the hills near Jerusalem to the actual spot of the Crucifixion. While the journey was by "air route," or in other words in consciousness, and took only a few minutes, yet naturally a guide was needed for each soul or group of souls traveling together to reach their destination.

On their arrival they were grouped together according to the order of their spiritual endeavor. Those still living in the physical (many hundreds being also present who had given up their physical bodies in so-called death) were given the Holy Sacrament and a drink from the crystal waters flowing from the Holy Rocks near the spot where the Sacred Cross stood.

The great Leader of the Mission Soul Rescue Workers delivered a lecture and directed all the ceremonies on the inner plane for all Group Workers seeking the Kingdom. When the pilgrims in the outer world had all arrived they began their worship by performing a litany, many praying, others chanting a holy anthem and all entering into the spirit of the meeting as a sacred memory of the greatest event of history. It all became so awe-inspiring that the very atmosphere seemed to whisper, "THE CHRIST IS RISEN."

The White Brotherhood and all the dear Souls on the inner planes bowed their heads in silent prayer and drank in the heavenly vibrations which were exquisitely peaceful and harmonious, far beyond description.

This continued until a trumpeter sounded a blast from a silver trumpet announcing the first streak of day. Then the praises in singing and chanting became so thrilling it would have reached heaven, were heaven above the sky of blue; these services continuing until the sun had risen above the horizon, when the pilgrims in the flesh began to wend their way toward town, to church and to early service. The White Brotherhood on the inner planes remained on the scene. There was a low square platform where the old cross at one time stood. All were bade to abide in silent readiness, and while their heads were bowed in prayer a stir was heard in the air as of a slight breeze and all the atmosphere became saturated with the perfume of many flowers. Then there was a sound heard like the rustling of silken robes, and looking up we saw our Beloved Master had come and was standing right in our midst upon the low platform where once the cross had been, His own beautiful white light surrounding and radiating from Him. He opened the service by offering a short earnest prayer, speaking of the White Brotherhood as His Disciples. His original Disciples were also among our number. Then He addressed the Brotherhood and spoke of the work which He had to leave unfinished, and which He asked all present to finish.

"All ye are Sons of God and Sons of Man. All followers that come to Me in truth and in full faith I will bless and enable to do their part in the Work of upliftment and enlightenment of the children of our Father. "Ye are not here to be ministered unto, but to take up the work of ministering-that for which ye have been prepared."

He dwelt long on the subject of true greatness, emphasizing the great need of true, brotherly love; of reaching out a helping hand all along the way; of teaching every soul in need about the All-loving and Ever-merciful Father, Who cares for all his children and who yearns to open wide the gates of the Heavenly Kingdom to all sincere and true toilers in His vineyards.

After He had finished speaking all yet in the flesh were asked to pass in single file in front of the Master, when He placed His right hand on the forehead and the left hand on the shoulder of each in blessing, giving to each the power to heal and to do good unto his fellow beings. The Ceremony was closed with music and singing which was heard all through the atmosphere as though the heavenly hosts were singing with us. We then floated home, reaching it to spend the remainder of the night in sleep.

It is probable that not very many brought back any memories of this wonderful meeting. In fact only a few wrote us of distinctly remembering all that took place, although a number told of things that indicated they were more or less conscious of what was being experienced. The reason it was so hard to bring anything back was because there is about seven hours difference in time, American time being that much earlier than Jerusalem time, and most minds were too engrossed with outer things on Saturday evening to receive little if any impressions of such experiences.

But we would say this, if this Easter has been the most wonderful of your life, if you have been brought much closer to our Beloved Master Jesus than ever before, and if there is now present within you a powerful yearning to serve Him and all humanity and which yearning cannot be stilled, know that unquestionably your soul was in attendance at these gatherings and that you have been so quickened by the profound impression made upon your soul by His words and by the mingling with and feeling the Great Love of the Brotherhood, that it must outmanifest in your lives and make you one with Them in purpose and in deed. It could not be otherwise with such.