Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ

Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

From this and from what you have learned from previous statements, all three of these facts can and must apply also to disciples of these Saviours. In fact in the Hebrew Bible and in the sacred writings of other peoples we have plenty of evidence of such descent of the Holy Spirit upon disciples, apostles, holy men-if some hesitate to admit that the Holy Spirit of the Christ is not present in the lives of many men on earth today. If all of the above be true-and can anyone who has journeyed with us this far feel that it is not true-then if the Christ Spirit is manifesting in many today, it is more than possible that the souls of the Higher Selves of many disciples and apostles of these Saviours may be manifesting in human personalities among men today. Why should this not be so?

You know that this is the end of one dispensation and the beginning of another. We are now entering the Aquarian Age, the sign of which is a man walking across the heavens pouring something from a pitcher down upon the earth. What is being poured is the new and higher life force which is being felt and is affecting everything upon earth, man especially, evidenced by the quickening taking place in everyone, compelling the spiritually minded to a more intense seeking for Light that they may understand what it is all about, and that they may learn to apply the laws they instinctively feel must now be put to use, if they are to make any spiritual advance in this lifetime. On the other hand, those who are purely selfish-minded are likewise intensely seeking to gratify their selfish desires, whether it be for money, power, sensation, pleasure, sexsatisfaction, evil, crime; and none of such knowing where they are heading or what is impelling them to such seeking, for their selfishness has blinded their eyes and they have been foully deceived into believing that freedom and happiness He that way.

It happens that we are not only at the end of a smaller cycle of about 2100 years, but of a large one of 25,000 years, thus bringing to a culmination mighty forces that have been in evidence for vast periods of time. But their day is done and they are now being superseded by higher forces, which is causing the breaking up of all conditions created by the old forces. You see evidence of this everywhere. Even the earth itself and all nature is reacting to this conflict of forces, indicated by the earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tornadoes and other seismic disturbances now manifesting almost daily in some part of the earth. Those who have eyes to see need only to look about and observe evidences of such changes taking place.

What we wish to indicate is that there are many very old souls on earth today who are here at this time because of this most significant change; that they came here pledged to a definite work-that of preparing conditions for the New Age, or of being the leaders, teachers, and workers for the building up of the new order that will prevail in that Age. And all souls who have in them the Spirit of Service are those who will have a part in such preparing or building, and according to how much they are awakened to the vital importance of the work ahead are they now being "called out" and given the opportunity of fitting themselves for the part they are finally to play in the Great Cause. While others are becoming gradually aware that they are much more than they seem to be to themselves and to the world, and are reaching out for the knowledge that will make them understand the truth of their being. If many are receiving visions and prophetic dreams these days, it is only because of the Spiritual quickening that is being felt by every soul that is awakened and that is making them aware of their real natures and helping them to remember why they are here at this particular time.

Why then is it not possible that some of these older souls are the former disciples and apostles of Jesus when He was on earth; likewise some perhaps disciples of other Saviours? In fact it might even be possible that those of Jesus may have been disciples of the Saviours of earlier races. For if they are Sons of God, they came here to earth to redeem it and especially to redeem their own creations- the humanity upon it. And naturally from the beginning since leaving their home in Eden they-the older souls- have ever been co-operating with these Chosen Ones of God to lift each race to a higher stage of consciousness. All the great financial, industrial, political, educational, professional and other leaders who stand forth as characters of influence and force in the world today, are old souls, most of whom are not yet awakened spiritually, and many of whom are actually now unconsciously working on the side of the enemy. But soon the powerful spiritual forces operating within all humanity will either awaken them and remind them of their divine origin and cause them to join the Brotherhood of Light and Love, or will compel them to align themselves definitely on the side of the enemies of Light.

While in the great leaders consciously working for the spiritual upliftment of humanity may be found the workers, apostles and disciples of the ages, who are the earthly representatives of the Great White Brotherhood-although many of them may not know all this as yet, and through whom the Brotherhood is accomplishing that which is Their purpose in the coming world events incident to the changing from the Old into the New Age now taking place. Is it then too much to think that at this time of special quickening all of these last mentioned souls are being called to meet and confer with their great Master and Leader, Christ Jesus? Do you see now why some are privileged in meditation to see and be blessed by Him and by other Great Ones in the Spirit, and some are granted the power of attending consciously such gatherings as described in the early part of this chapter?

Think and ponder over all of these things. If it is beyond the capacity of some of you to accept at this time, just lay it aside, and maybe later events or inner experiences of your own will cause a change or expansion of consciousness that will enable you to view it all from a different and higher understanding that will then be yours.