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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ

Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


In our different articles on the soul it was shown that each "Living" or Immortal Soul is a Son of God who as such had His real birth in another world period eons before this earth was. We mean that these Sons of God, our Real Selves, were originally born then on some other planet, that our human souls were born on this earth, as depicted in the first chapter of Genesis; while in our articles on the soul is shown how in the second chapter of Genesis these Sons of God descended into our human souls and thereafter lived in them, thus making of them "Living Souls." Consequently, all of us who are Immortal Souls, must be Sons of God in our Higher Selves, and as shown in the 15th chapter we have lived on earth in many bodies since that time, many, many ages ago, when we first descended from the celestial realms to dwell in our human souls. Our Higher Selves then must be Divine Beings, and if Sons of God, they must be Beings very close if not like unto God.

Think! Must this not be so? And it is no sacrilege to state and believe it to be so, for remember we are speaking of our Higher Selves, whom we have heretofore considered as our Christ Selves, the Holy Spirit, or God in us. Then if we have God in us, or if the Christ Spirit is the Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world and is our Higher Self, what is our exact relation to Jesus, the Christ?

We will first picture Him as our Elder Brother, as the "First born of many brethren," Rom. 8:29; as the "First Fruit of them that slept" I Cor. 15:20; and then as the manifestation on earth of very God Himself. And we will show why these both are true and are not inconsistent one with the other. Try to realize that your Higher Self, the I AM-the Real You, is a Son of God, or is the Spirit of God in you. Stop and think on this until a glimpse of its truth comes-if you do not yet feel it to be so.

In doing this, forget all about your personality. For in reality there is no personality. It is only a concept of your human mind which thinks itself separate from God. Think of this Son or Representation of God in you, which is your life, your intelligence, your power, your ability to be and to do anything, as not only your Higher Self, but as your only Self, as God Himself, Who you know is All in All.

If you can realize this, then you will know, when you feel Love in your heart and let it abide and rule in your life, that you actually feel and in a way ARE one with the God that you are. For that Love which you feel is the Christ, God's Spirit or Reflection of Himself in you. And all Sons of God are such Reflections of God ever striving to reflect His nature in man.

When that Spirit, at what is called the Second Birth, descends and takes possession of your mind and body, and lives and rules in you, as it did in Jesus after his baptism by John in the River Jordan, then Love thinks, speaks and acts direct from the soul and definitely takes charge of the personality, and verily you become a Christed or an Anointed One.

So you see that seemingly Jesus was not more than what we all may be in time. Does not He himself tell us, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do, for I go unto My Father." John 14:12.

And surely He is our loving Elder Brother, one whose soul is both older and farther advanced than those of other Sons of God, and He has attained a much higher degree of Spiritual understanding, power and ability to express His Father's Nature. Hence He was chosen to represent the Father and to give forth that new and higher phase of the Father's life which we now know as the Christ Life, and which was the life our Father intends and requires all humanity eventually to live. But we must remember that Jesus' whole life and teaching was that He only represented the Father, and He gave all credit to the Father. This He stated in many ways similar to the following.

"I am in the Father, and the Father in Me; the words that I speak unto you I speak not of my self; but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works." - John 14:10.

Therefore we can easily see that the Soul we know as Jesus of Nazareth was perhaps the greatest and oldest that has manifested on earth, because of His having been chosen as the vehicle for the Father's use in this latest and presumably farthest advanced stage of humanity's Spiritual unfoldment; and that He came to teach and show us the way and the Father's purpose for us in the present dispensation, and over which He, Christ Jesus, therefore undoubtedly still presides.

Did He not say to His disciples after His crucifixion but before His ascension:

"All authority hath been given unto me in heaven and on earth

"And to I am with you always, even unto the end of the world (to the consummation of the age, in the Greek text)." - Matt.28:18 and 20.

But we must also realize that at no time in the unfoldment of consciousness of the human race has the Father left His children without an Exemplar and Teacher, one through whom He has shown to the minds of men the highest expression of His Life and taught them the highest ideals they then were capable of receiving and manifesting. Such were known in history as the Egyptian Osiris, the Grecian Orpheus, the Persian Ormuzd and the Mexican Quetzlcotl, and various others, each bringing just the Light of Truth to the race and people of his time that was to guide them until there was need of higher truth.

There was a peculiarity in the lives of all these Great Ones which is most significant. In the histories of all are recorded two things, their Virgin Birth and their Sacrificial Death.

Think of these great Sons of God, Beings of vast experience in other worlds as well as on this planet, who naturally when chosen to represent the Father and to do His Work on earth among His children, were of such Wisdom and Power that each naturally would choose as a mother to give him a body one of high Spiritual development whose ovum he could stimulate, and which stimulation she could understand and respond to on the inner planes independent of physical contact with a husband; such Beings in fact thereby becoming literally their own fathers. Then they preside over the building of their bodies and the development of their personalities, and when both are matured, as recorded in the lives of some of them and shown in the baptism of Jesus, they enter and possess their bodies and then fully express their divine nature and begin their real work, that which they had been preparing their instruments to do-the work of teaching and showing by their lives the way the Father wills their people to live. And then when their work is completed they give themselves as a sacrifice-become willing martyrs-for the Truth they came to establish, knowing that such sacrifice will serve not only to impress that Truth indelibly upon the consciousness of the race, but will inspire a devotion to Truth among Its followers which persecution and even death cannot destroy.

With all Saviours of humanity, we will note then three facts; There is the human personality, the vehicle in which they manifest themselves; there is the soul, long since possessed by their Higher Selves on the soul plane; and there is the Holy Spirit or Power of the Logos, called by Jesus the Father, which fully descends upon the Higher Self and into the personality which It then uses to manifest the life and give forth the teachings intended for their people and race.