Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ

Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

We must above all be able to distinguish between good and evil. Those who purposely seek only the good will surely find and learn of wonders now inconceivable; for their eyes will be opened to the reality back of all outward seeming, and they will be enabled to work consciously with Those Who are directing humanity's emancipation. After the Master's talk all were led to a great pool, which looked like heavenly blue water, but which on entering was of ether or a cloudy haze. It had a quickening and purifying power, for those submerging in it came forth with bodies almost transparent, and with one of the veils of matter still covering them dissolved.

Each week thereafter until Easter all were called to attend meetings where each was given another baptism in a pool of ether and another veil was dissolved. All of the Brothers and Sisters attending these meetings and being addressed by our Beloved Master and by other Great Souls, have been formed into a great band of Soul Rescue Workers, for the special work given to us by the Master as above mentioned.

All of this you can now see is in a way a preparing of and helping to get worthy and ready those who are to participate in the great ceremonies of Easter Sunday morning, to begin according to our time on Saturday at eventide and to continue until after midnight; the ceremonies closing with prayers and chanting of hymns, and a full baptism of all the Brotherhood of the Rescue Workers of the Soul. The baptism will be in ether and soul perfume, which will cause the dissolving of one more veil covering the soul-and may it be the final one for many. A great feast will be spread and all souls that are ready will be promoted into higher realms of consciousness. This means passing into a new Light and a further unfoldment of the Soul. It will be a soul initiation into the Higher Life-in which all will find peace, comfort, rest, happiness, contentment and plenty.

We mention all this now for a two-fold purpose, first that all may know that Easter and all it signifies is not merely man's effort worthily to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; but that it is a cosmic event, is an actual process of nature, and is all vitally connected with the unfoldment of consciousness, the consciousness of all nature-of the Christ life which is the force back of and which is unfolding all nature, including man as its culminating idea-toward a more perfect expression with each rebirth or re-embodiment after the sleep of Winter. Secondly that you may know that each soul is an integral part of the consciousness of the Christ Life and that in the inner realms it undergoes an actual unfoldment of consciousness; and thereby each year at Easter time all souls who have earned it by loving and selfless service are promoted to higher realms of consciousness and to greater opportunities for service.

This and this alone constitutes growth, and all growth is Spiritual growth, or is an expansion of consciousness, which finally unfolds out of the consciousness of self and of material things into that of the Spiritual realities back of all physical manifestation.

From all of the above you get a glimpse of the real meaning of Group Work and of Brotherhood. For we have shown you a gathering of the great Brotherhoods of the Inner Realms and their many Groups that are working in the outer world.

When you can realize that in the Great Brotherhood of the Kingdom the life there is one solely of loving service-that service there is actually every soul's life, that there is no other thought or desire there that is not related to or does not revolve around service-you will understand what Impersonal Love is, and will surely feel that life begin to push forth in your hearts seeking to out-manifest itself here among men.

Those of you who feel that life now, that it is demanding expression and will not be denied, may know why there are brought to you, or you are led to them, those whom you can help and whom you are leading back into the Light. You are doing Soul Rescue Work here in the flesh as well as at night when your body sleeps. Some of you may be bringing back memories of such work.

And now do you see why you are called upon to band together in Groups? It is that you may learn to work in Groups, may learn to forget self and all its petty personal feelings, likes, dislikes and concerns-even your desire for Spiritual growth, and to lose yourself in a great longing to become fit, body, mind and soul, for the Master's use. Here is something for you to think over. Can you imagine in the Kingdom any, even husband and wife, trying to study and work alone by themselves, not associating with or working with others, although wanting to serve the Master! As it is there, so must it be here-if you would fit into and work with the Divine Plan.

This however in no way is a reflection on those who have not yet found in the outer their soul group companions, but it is hoped it will prove an inspiration to them to make greater spiritual efforts to draw such to them.