Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ

Chapter XVII Jesus, the Christ
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Another Easter Thought

WE HAVE fulfilled our promise and brought you to the door of the Kingdom. In the 13th, 14th and 15th chapters you were given the final instructions which, when earnestly studied until their great truths are fully realized, put you in possession of the "Great Secret," and enable you now to enter at will the Kingdom Consciousness. This does not mean that you are able to abide there. To your great regret you have found this to be impossible as yet, but you know now that your supreme and constant effort will henceforth be to conquer every quality left of self that prevents your abiding there and letting the I AM- the Real You-abide and rule in your mind and heart. Many of you understand clearly what we mean. Some of you may feel inclined to be discouraged, because you have noticed seemingly very little evidence of progress. But know that there is not one single soul who has earnestly followed with us and has tried to live up to the teachings given, who is not a changed being, and is so seen and known to be by those who are close and in a position to know.

Therefore, if you yearn to be of those who have proven the power of the teachings, go back and beginning with the first chapter truly study each one, determined to let nothing interfere or prevent your getting all that each article contains for you. You will be surprised at how much awaits the following of such a determination.

Let us illustrate. One earnest soul, who had been faithfully studying and trying to live the teachings, had a great fear of dogs, for they always seemed to choose to run out and bark at her. But one day, when passing by the home of a particularly vicious dog, and being in a high state of consciousness, her heart filled with love and not thinking where her feet were taking her, she was startled to have that same dog run up to her without barking in an evidently playful mood as if he wanted to be petted. And she also notices that babies and children now confidently and happily come to her, when formerly they would always turn from her when she approached.

This is but one evidence of the change that comes when one has learned to rule the mind and emotions, and Love is permitted to enter and to abide in the heart and to color thoughts, words and acts. No one who wants to find the Kingdom and who faithfully tries to follow what his soul tells him are true directions can help but rise into a high and blessed consciousness, where the illusions of self and of separation from the Loving One within will gradually disappear; and he will learn finally to KNOW Him as the Love in his heart, and will turn to and wait upon Him there, and will henceforth let Him lead him into the Kingdom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

This is the Springtime of the year when a new life impulse is pushing forth from within all nature. And all nature, including man, is being quickened so that it can respond to and can express that life in a higher form than that of yesteryear. In man this is particularly so at this Springtime, and especially in all those who have felt the call of the Loving One within the heart. For great preparations are being made for the Resurrection Day this year, and for reasons that will later appear.

What we are now about to say may prove very startling to many who read, but all must accept it for just what it is worth to them. They either will or will not have an inner conviction of its truth, depending upon how far they accompanied us on our journey within to the Kingdom. Sunday night after midnight, March 16th, (this was written in 1930), on the hills near Jerusalem, but on the inner planes of being, a great gathering of many thousands of souls who live in Spirit and those still having bodies of flesh was called together and addressed by the Master Jesus. The gathering consisted solely of the Workers- those who were being used to serve on the inner planes at night, and included every earnest soul who has consecrated him or herself to loving and selfless service and who is endeavoring to become fit and perfect for the Master's use. The Master's talk was chiefly to impress upon each one present the vital necessity from this time on of each doing his or her utmost to awaken and quicken every soul that is seeking the Light, but whose human personality still wanders in darkness, where it is being misled by the enemies of Light.

The time of tribulation has begun and events will now follow one another with increasing severity, so that as many of the children of Light as possible must be drawn within to their true consciousness, where only they will be safe from the opposition and persecution that later will manifest. He called upon all in the great multitude to stand together as one, to let Love alone rule and inspire every thought, word and act. The time is here when the thoughts of pure men will become as tangible things and we shall see their actual outward manifestations.

We have reached the apex of scientific unfoldment and we must stand ready, for great things are about to be given us. It will be as if our hands were guided, and we will be made to accomplish marvelous things. All who are pure and worthy channels freed from all clogging desires and beliefs of self will soon find themselves in the parts allotted us in the Plan for the saving and redeeming of humanity that we came here to fill, and for which all of our past lives have been a preparation.