Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVI There Am I in the Midst of Them

Chapter XVI There Am I in the Midst of Them
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

There are many who have not yet found their own group, who are studying and working alone, and who deem it impossible to find anyone who has the same interest in the Work as have they.

This is true only because of diffidence or backwardness, or perhaps of personal feeling against meeting and working with others. But are not such thinking of self first and of the Master's need of workers second?

Have they gotten any glimpse of the great Brotherhood of the Kingdom, silently working with all humanity, and have not wanted to be a part of Them, to work with and for Them, to know Them consciously-Those both in the flesh and in the Spirit? Think you, can you come into the true Christ consciousness without yearning to know and to work with Them?

As They form a great Inner Group, so do They seek to draw all Their disciples on earth into groups, under the Master's direction, and in such groups to develop Centers of Love and Light that will become powerful generators of force through which They can pour steadily upon the earth great cleansing streams of Spiritual fire that will eventually burn up all sin and selfishness now in mortal consciousness. Those who earnestly seek to become an integral part of the Brotherhood of the Kingdom, will be aided from the Spirit by having their own soul comrades brought to them. But they must want it more than any other thing-want to be used and made fit and ready for the Master's Service. Those who so want to serve and to find their soul comrades, need only to send out their call for them in the Silence, and as soon as they themselves are ready, their own will appear in some natural way, but so surely that they will know that they have been sent.


Simplicity holdeth no temptation. Come nearer unto God! Trouble not! An infant counteth not the Nations of the earth.

Great joy cometh unto thee. Be patient! Await the Coming of the King. By joy shall the Kingdom of Heaven be justified. Set thy love upon the Angels in High and Holy Places; it shall find expression: the earth cannot hold Love; the sea cannot contain it. Keep in the way of Angels. The Angel hath not any Will, neither of self nor any glory save in the expression of Divine Spirit.

God hath veiled Himself in thee as a human soul; let it be God. There is perfect peace in doing the Will of Him Who sent Me.

Dear Lord, make the place of thy dwelling holy! Beloved! I would fain express Myself further unto thee. Wilt thou express Me? for thereby thou wilt free Me. Trust in the guidance of the Angel. Why dost thou not more simply leave the direction of thy moments unto Him Who knoweth the Will of the Father.

I am a Father! Think not of Me only as God. I await to shelter thine impotency. Trust in Me more simply. It is impossible for the Eternal Father to fail thee. Thy doubts, thy hesitancy are outside of thee and Me. Thou art in Me; while I am enfenced with everlasting strength. Thou must learn to know thine own Spirit; it hath been as a stranger in a strange land; and all the way of thine ascent has been the retracing of thy wandering steps toward the place of Universal Spirit.

Those that perish are in multitude; but lo! the Saviours are few.

Redeem thine own soul, for God maketh a saviour of thee. He calleth the saviours unto the desolate Mountain of Overcoming; but lo! how few there be. Take up thine abode in the heart of another. Let thy gaze be toward the mountain-tops with the eyes which have seen sadness.

Be simple, be humble, be patient: the face of thy brother is toward thee; and the impress of the Divine Christ shall not be lost.