Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVI There Am I in the Midst of Them

Chapter XVI There Am I in the Midst of Them
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

That is one way. You will note in the above that we ask for nothing material, but only for the Spiritual riches which belong to a child or expression of God. For you have learned from the previous articles that God is actually expressing His Self in every one of His children. And when a son of God once knows this, and lets go of all sense of separation and of all human beliefs in lack and limitation- none of which could be possible in an expression of God- he then connects his mind with God's Mind and thus permits the Good that is waiting to come forth into manifestation.

To those of you who have grasped the meaning of the Father's words, who know yourselves to be sons of God, who know that you are not John Smith or Mary Doe, and who therefore know the Divine power of mind and will that is yours, we now offer another way to help your brother- that of "Speaking the Word" for him. (See Appendix, "Speaking the Word.")

Read again carefully the two paragraphs preceding the last one above, about realizing that the one you would help is actually a son of God. Then know that he being a son of God, when you "Speak the Word" for him, motivated with deep compassion, HE WILL HEAR You in his soul consciousness, and will be reminded of the high truth you speak, and that the compassion pouring from your heart to him will impress the truth so strongly upon his soul consciousness that when the brain mind gets quiet it will push through from the soul to the brain consciousness, as an illumined thought from his Higher Self, and he will awaken from his dream of lack or limitation, and its cause and outer manifestations will disappear.

These words given you for such purpose when spoken with conviction and from a heart filled with love have helped many, sometimes with immediate and very startling results. Please know that the words of the above Prayer and of the "Speaking the Word" Prayer, are but suggestions as to the true way of praying and speaking the word. Your own Higher Self may choose to change them to fit your particular need of expression. But they are wholly Impersonal and Universal, and the more their inner meaning unfolds to you the more conviction you will have, when praying and speaking them, that they will perfectly accomplish that whereunto they are sent.

The best way is to learn them by heart-whichever you choose to pray or speak. Then in your group meetings, preferably just before the closing part of the regular Prayer, let the leader of the meeting speak aloud the Prayer or the words of "Speaking the Word" for the brother or sister whom you wish to help, and each member in unison pray or speak them silently on the breath in whispers, thus uniting the vibrations sent forth in one powerful wave of loving and creative thought.

Then each noon for a week, if so decided, cease your work long enough to say on the breath the same prayer or words. In very truth then, the Christ in the midst of you and of the brother you wish to help will be One in the Truth voiced, united by the compassion motivating it and whose creative power will outmanifest that Truth.

Try never to see or acknowledge the appearance of lack, limitation or inharmony in your brother or in yourself, but to see only the Divine perfection of the son of God which each soul truly is in its inherent nature.

We know the question that perhaps is back in the minds of some of those reading the above,-whether it will be right to pray or speak the word for each member of your group, including yourself.

Why not-if you truly need help and are earnestly seeking to make yourself perfect for the Master's use? Did not He teach us to ask our Heavenly Father to "Give us this day our daily bread, and to forgive us our trespasses?" But always remember that a desire to serve must be first. If there is seeming lack, limitation, inharmony or disease in body, mind or affairs, it is only because of that which you still think or believe and are carrying around with you in consciousness. Therefore your true prayer should be that your Spiritual eyes and understanding be opened so that you can see and know the Truth your Father wishes you to know, and thereby may become a capable, pure and selfless instrument for His use.

This first instruction in group work is of a simple kind, and is more to inspire the Group Spirit and to start you thinking in terms of group ideals. But as quickly as possible must the thoughts be lifted wholly away from self and its interests and needs, for no real group work can be done where the self is still in evidence. Hence let the personal needs of group members be speedily placed in the Father's hands as shown, and then turn your whole attention to the real group ideals which will be elaborated in succeeding articles.

While all the above has been addressed to those who are meeting and studying in groups, yet it also is intended for everyone who reads these words. For we assume that all who have followed these articles thus far are deeply in earnest, have caught the vision, and are now letting nothing prevent their "whipping" their personalities into shape for the Father's use.