Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XVI There Am I in the Midst of Them

Chapter XVI There Am I in the Midst of Them
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

SOME very momentous things were told you in the last chapter. So vital and far reaching were they that those souls to whom came the realization of their wondrous significance are changed beings. Never again will they think of themselves as John Smith or Mary Doe, for they now know that that personal part of them is but the instrument or vehicle that they have been preparing in order to do the work they came here to do.

They now see the purpose for which they have put their personalities through the strenuous training and discipline of their present life. They now realize the meaning of their having come into this Work-that it is the finishing process of preparation for the greater Work that is to follow. Having given full instructions how to develop the mind so that it will be a good servant of a master will, those who have faithfully followed the suggestions and practiced the mental exercises indicated, have found themselves possessed of a power which, when put to use through the instrumentality of the mind, will accomplish for them anything they choose to do.

If you have not discovered your possession of such a power, it is only because you have not followed the suggestions, or practiced the exercises given, and therefore you alone are to blame for not owning the greatest thing you could possibly desire of a personal nature. But of course such power is not given for purely personal purposes. If having it, you have assumed that you personally developed that power and have used it for personal and selfish ends, you probably by this time have learned your mistake, by having had taken from you all the things gained from the selfish misuse of that power. But in Chapter 13 we showed you how to regain that power by the right use of your mind, and we call your especial attention now to the article, "The Great Secret," in order that you may learn definitely how to apply what is taught therein and how to use it in group work.

If "all manifest things are the result of thinking and holding in consciousness what we believe is so," then all that is necessary to heal, to attain prosperity, success and happiness, is to think clearly about any or all these things and to hold them in your consciousness as being already in evidence in the Kingdom Consciousness, and they must outmanifest themselves.

Now we will try to show you how we may properly direct our prayers toward the healing and helping of others in group work.

First, remember, whatever we think and hold in consciousness as being so will outmanifest itself. Then if we think true thoughts-the good and perfect things that God thinks of us-about any member of a group and hold these thoughts in our consciousness as actually being so for one week, they must outmanifest themselves. For hear what our Master promises:

"If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven. For when two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I the midst of them."

It is assumed that all those who have accompanied us this far in our spiritual journey and who therefore are reading these words, are no longer desiring material things, but are seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, believing Jesus' promise that by finding the Kingdom and living the Christ life all things else will be added. They have sought to live and act according to this belief; but many perhaps have failed as yet to find the Kingdom or even to get a glimpse of some of the things they hoped would be added.

Can both of these statements of Jesus about asking of the Father, and seeking first the Kingdom, be consistently true? Let us see.

One of the most innate and natural urges of the human soul is to pray to or ask an invisible Father or Power-who, it feels, can do so-to supply a dire need. Jesus recognized this and on numerous occasions taught us how rightly to ask and to pray.

See Mat. 6:6-8, 9-15; 7:7-12; 21:22. John 14:13-14; 15:7; 16:23-24.

Yet He also says, "Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask." Mat. 6:8. Why then should we ask?

Realize that Jesus sometimes was talking to the multitude, and sometimes to His disciples, and of course to the latter He would not talk as to children-as He usually did to the multitude, who really were children in Spiritual understanding. Study your bible and learn what He said to His disciples, for you too are His disciples; and then try to understand His meaning for you.

In the previous chapter we told you how He talks to His disciples today. If you have fully grasped the meaning of His words, then you know that you need not even ask or pray, but you give thanks daily to your loving Father for the blessings He is now pouring out upon you.

If you have not yet grasped His full meaning and cannot bring yourself wholly to trust Him as He asks of you, then we offer you the following prayer as one way that you may properly ask and pray to your loving Father to help anyone who has sought help from you and whom your heart strongly urges you out of a deep compassion to help.

"Dear Father-God, we know that ЕЕ is Thy beloved child, and that being Thy child Thou hast a rich abundance of all good things waiting for him - every good thing that he (or she) needs.

"Dear Father, open his Spiritual eyes so that he may see and know and thereby may receive these blessings that await - that are all ready to outmanifest, when he thus becomes ready to accept them. Help him to know the truth, that he may be free forever from all lack and limitation of every kind.

"This we ask in Christ Jesus' name, for we know that as we have asked believing, our brother has received.

"We thank Thee, beloved Father, and we praise and glorify Thy Son in him, that He may now come forth and be His Self in our brother. Amen."

That which will help you more than anything else to know the truth about the one you would help, is to realize that he actually Is a son or expression of God, as we have proven to you in the preceding chapter; and so, when you pray to God for him, see and KNOW that the things you say of him are TRUE, for being true of God they must be true of His expression.