Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XV The Impersonal Life

Chapter XV The Impersonal Life
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


We have been trying to prove to you first that you are not your personality, but that you are an immortal soul; and secondly that as a soul you are a Divine Being, a very Son of God, one with the Father and co-inheritor with Jesus Christ and with all other Sons of God of all that the Father has; that in you reside all the wisdom and love and power of the God-head. All these are yours to use, and but await your recognition and acceptance of this great truth, when you will begin consciously to use them.

And how am I going to recognize and how am I going to accept and thereby to use this truth? You ask. You intellectually see and know this truth more or less clearly now, but how are you going to know it so you can use it? Think! How do you go about proving any rule or principle that you have accepted as being true? Let us see if we can show you by taking as an example how you learn to drive an automobile. Your instructor tells you the principle of the throttle, of the different speeds controlled by the gear lever, how to turn on the power and to start and stop the engine; the rules of the road and of starting on low gear first and changing to second and then to high as you attain speed, and of turning and stopping.

You hear all this and the first time it is all Greek to you. But by his repeated telling and explaining and your watching him do it, you get a more or less clear intellectual concept of it all. Does that enable you to drive the car? No, but it will help you to make a try at it, for you will have grasped one or two of the principles; and only after many trials under the careful superintendence of the instructor, and with many mistakes, you get a fairly good understanding of what is necessary to do. But almost everyone has found that before he can get up enough confidence to start out alone, he has to do a certain thing, and that is to sit down quietly alone and "see" or visualize himself driving the car, going through all the motions, meeting another car in some unusual emergency and knowing instantly just what to do to prevent an accident. After several times going through the experience of such mental driving, you found actual driving would come easy.

And in like manner, when, in the silence of true meditation, "seeing" yourself an actual Son of God, with all the consciousness and powers of a Christed soul, acting, speaking and knowing as would Jesus or as would your own Divine Self in your every contact with others and in all conditions of life,-when you had thus accustomed yourself to the feeling of being such a great soul, you would then find it easy to gain control of and to drive, guide and use your personality with its mind and emotions, its body and its sensations, which you are developing and preparing to be so used, and for that purpose only.

For try to realize that is all your human personality is for- the John Smith part of you; it is only to serve-when it is finally prepared and ready as you intend it-for the use of your Christ Self in the work which you came here to do as your part in the Divine Plan. Then You-the Real of You-will enter in and possess and be your personality, be John Smith or Mary Doe; aye, be another Christ Soul walking here among men in the flesh.