Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XV The Impersonal Life

Chapter XV The Impersonal Life
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Remember now that we are not speaking of the John Smith or Mary Doe of your present life, but of the real you who are an old soul. If this has awakened a response deep within, you may find it not hard to accept that you were a living soul when He was on earth, maybe before He was on earth, and perhaps even in old Atlantis. Something may say to you, this may be possible. If something does not so say, then it may not be possible. But do not let yourself be fooled or get concerned about it, for it does not make any particular difference; it only gives you an idea of how old is your soul.

This will help you to know. Are you serving? How long have you been serving, and how many and whom are you serving? If you are an old soul you came here to serve, and love is the very essence of your life, so that you began serving in some form or other as soon as your instrument could be used. And the older the soul the more influence you radiate, the more souls you are awakening and helping into the Kingdom.

But do not let your age concern you, for the only thing that matters is-does your soul yearn to serve now, and is it straining to make your human self fit and worthy to serve? Remember what the Master told us in the parable of the householder who, when paying the laborers in his vineyard, paid those hired the eleventh hour the same wage as those hired the first hour. Those who serve are all part of the Great Brotherhood of Servers; they are Brothers who think not of their wage or of their Brother's part, but are concerned only that they are pleasing the Master by perfectly performing their part.

That is the first truth we wanted to convey. The second is, if we are immortal souls, then we are also Sons of God; for remember that the Sons of God are our Higher and Real Selves, and it is They who are unfolding, developing and ripening our souls through the quickening of our minds and the purifying of our bodies, so that They can enter and possess us and Jive Their life in us, do Their Will in us, and be the Self of us.

And who are the Sons of God? They are reflections of God, His Holy Spirit, the Christ-God's Love poured forth into the souls of men, so that they may know Him, and may return to conscious Oneness with Him in His Consciousness.

Have you felt the Christ, the Loving One within you? Have you heard Him within your soul say;

"I am the way, the truth and the life. You cannot come unto the Father except by Me.

"For I am the love you feel in your heart urging for expression, and through this love is the only way.

"I am the truth of your being, and without Me-love-you are nothing, can know nothing and can do nothing.

"I am the life, and there is no other life but My life of love. All other ways, all other teaching, lead but to death-the sense of separation from the Father and Me."

Dear one, if you know Love, if you feel it as an actual presence within you, you know your Higher Self, a Son of God, Who is One with the Father, who is You, the only Real You.

Think! Who is John Smith anyway-he whom you call your self? Has he really ever done anything wholly of himself? Can he do anything? Who puts thoughts into his mind? Who causes him to listen to certain thoughts, to heed some and not others, to obey certain impulses and to let others pass? Who has been putting him through all these experiences of life, for certainly the John Smith part of you did not want to go through many of them? Who has been doing all this, and what is His purpose; surely there must be one-a wise and loving purpose, or else why do it?

You say, God, or the Father, did it. But we say, You did it all. No, not the you that you know; but the REAL You- You who have lived in many bodies, have used many personalities like John Smith and Mary Doe; and when they were capable of being used, You accomplished with them the work You sought to do. This John Smith personality You are now finishing into shape so that You can soon take complete charge and possess him, can actually be the Self of him-Your Self, which You intended from the beginning.

But You, remember, are not John Smith, but are a Son of God, working and directing the John Smith part of you from within your soul, and knowing the end before the beginning. And that end surely is a wise and beneficent one, or why all the trouble?

Now listen, all you who are passing through trials and tribulations-no matter how desperate or severe or how pressing the need of help; for we are going to offer to you the surest and most effective help possible to give. For hear what the SELF of you has to say:

"My dear one, you have been clearly shown who I am, what I am doing and what I intend for you; and that you of yourself are nothing and can do nothing.

"Then, can you not now trust Me to do what is best for you, and realize that I intend only the best? For am I not preparing you so that I can enter in and be wholly My Self in you?

"Then think, would I permit any real harm or hardship to come to you? For remember everything you do I cause or permit you to do,-I, abiding within your soul, which is within your mind, which is within your body-all belonging to and expressing Me only.

"That which is troubling you and seems so desperate, is only a final trial and cleansing necessary to rid you of all remaining qualities of self-of all its fears and doubts and personal concerns that are hindering My taking complete charge and possession of mind and heart for My perfect use. Can you not see that I cannot enable them-when they are so filled and stirred with such thoughts and feelings-to recognize and thus to help Me to outmanifest the Good for you and the Purpose I have intended from the beginning? "Then let go, dear one, and turn all over to Me, your Self, your God within you-not to some God apart or away off from you. For I, your Self, am here directing all, caring for all and have been waiting so long for you to give Me full charge.

"Can you not realize that I will permit only that to manifest which is for your greatest good? For remember I see and know what is that good, and long with a great longing to have you to participate in it with Me."

"Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat; but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not." -Luke 22:31.

Stop! Read this all over again and try to get the great significance of it all before proceeding. For once the Realization comes it will change your whole life and bring a Peace and a Joy that is beyond telling.