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Chapter XIV Whom the Lord Loveth He Chasteneth ) ^ .print(title2, The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIV Whom the Lord Loveth He Chasteneth) ^ .print(title3, Chapter XIV Whom the Lord Loveth He Chasteneth)


In the first chapter and also in later ones, we mentioned group work, and while then we did not definitely urge the formation of groups, we feel by this time that many are able to understand the significance of disciples of Christ meeting together in His Name and that they should be able to receive from Him definite guidance, or at least definite assurance of His Presence, should two or three earnest souls come together for the express purpose of fitting themselves for His Service.

As stated in the article in the 9th chapter, which we earnestly request all to reread and study, such groups will be brought together by the Master, when He finds those truly consecrated and desiring above all things to serve Him. Our part has been to help quicken and inspire in aspirants first the spirit and meaning of Service, and then the desire to do all possible to fit themselves as instruments for His use.

We have helped by providing exercises and instructions for training and disciplining the mind and emotions, and have stressed time and again the vital importance of faithfully mastering the exercises until the mind and all its faculties have become perfect servants of the will. We have also done all possible to make each aspirant acquainted with the Loving One within, Who is the inner assurance of Him Whom they look to outwardly, as it were, as their Divine Master and Leader.

Therefore, those who have failed to follow the suggestions given, because of its being too much trouble, of not wanting to take the time necessary, of having too many social or personal things that they let interfere, of being too mentally lazy to make the necessary effort, or of thinking such requirements unnecessary, will now have no one to blame but themselves when they find others have arrived at the entrance to the Kingdom, with their soul and mental faculties unfolded and well trained for service, proven by what such receive while meditating with other consecrated souls in group meetings.

An earnest study of the teachings and a faithful striving to follow and put into practice their truths, in every case has resulted in an expansion of consciousness and a consequent unfoldment of soul faculties. But not all souls unfold alike, which is natural and is better for the development of a strong and efficient group consciousness; for such a consciousness should be composed of different types of minds in order to be well rounded-out, just as a well rounded-out intelligence should have every faculty fully developed by studies and training along varied lines on many different subjects.

Group consciousness is the next step to be attained by disciples, and it can be attained only by actual experience in a group, where can best be learned, in association with other consecrated souls, how to master and deal with personality, and later how to utilize its forces in the Master's Cause. And all this under His direct guidance, remember; for where two or three are gathered together in His Name, He is actually in the midst of them-expressly to give such guidance and teaching.

Many in groups have had definite evidence of this, and happy are they to learn that others are meeting with experiences similar to their own. Many letters have been received, telling of their great joy at actually seeing and being blessed by the Master Jesus with a personal message for them, and which had a profound effect upon their lives. This and many other significant things have been told us, indicating that the Master is now calling out His chosen ones in ever-increasing numbers, and is getting them ready for what awaits.

Because of this, we shall continue to stress the great importance of all forming into groups wherever it can be arranged. And we know it can be arranged in most cases where the true spirit of Service is present in the heart; for when the heart wills, a way will be found, because the Master rules in and works from the heart, and His will is the only will of a sincere disciple.

In a later chapter we shall tell about the possibilities of group work, and will give definite suggestions for such work, including group healing, helping in personal financial and other problems, also in community, national and international affairs. We will give the law and how to apply it under the direction of the Master within.