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Exhumator Esoterics

Chapter XIV Whom the Lord Loveth He Chasteneth ) ^ .print(title2, The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIV Whom the Lord Loveth He Chasteneth) ^ .print(title3, Chapter XIV Whom the Lord Loveth He Chasteneth)


First read again carefully the article, "Practical Work" in the seventh chapter. From it you will note the importance of learning to talk to yourself. For in such talking you soon find that something greater than your human self is talking, and that it is the mind that does the listening and thinking and understanding of what it hears. Practice will gradually bring the conviction that a higher or greater You is thus talking, for things will be said that your mind did not before know; and that will give you encouragement to continue until your mind recognizes that words of wisdom are being spoken-truths very much worth knowing and putting into practice in your life.

At such times it would be well to have a notebook handy to write in it such truths, so that they may not be forgotten, and can be available for study or giving out to help others. Now when you thus talk to your human self and it learns that it is but the listener and the pupil, you can realize how You, as the Higher Self, are the real Teacher and Master, and that your human mind is the disciple. Also you can grasp, as you more and more prove it to your reasoning mind, that You are a Divine Being, are actually the Lord God, Who is the Chastener and the Discipliner.

For remember that it is God Who alone Is. The human mind only thinks it is, that it is separate from You and from God; when how could that be when He is all that Is, and that in the consciousness of His Mind all live, move and have their being? Human minds are only centers of his Consciousness, are ideas in His Mind, just as your thoughts and ideas are centers of your consciousness.

Cease reading now and think on all of the above, until it becomes clear.

Then when you have grasped it, try definitely to realize your Self as That which is the innermost inner of your being, that It is your life, intelligence and will which is expressing your Self outwardly in and through your human consciousness as a personality, an instrument created solely to enable You to accomplish that which You came into human manifestation to do.

When you clearly realize this, then say to your human mind, and try to mean it and know it as you speak, what follows:

"Be still, my child, and come back in here where I am.

"Withdraw all attention from and interest in outer things and fix them upon Me, deep within the soul.

"Let go of your sense of self and separateness, think of yourself as a spiritual being and enter fully into My Consciousness, I Who am all Spirit.

"Know that you have no consciousness that is apart from My Consciousness; therefore you cannot be separate from Me-only as you mistakenly think so. For as you think, so does it seem to you to be-when you are without in the consciousness of such mistaken thoughts.

"Therefore, come back into your soul consciousness and abide here with Me. For your soul body is very beautiful, is perfect in every way-strong, healthy, harmonious, pure, radiant, glorious; for it is your real body, in which you really live and where you always are at night when sleep frees you from your physical body consciousness. It is so because I am there, because I created it as My habitation in the beginning, and because I dwell in it as your Self and therefore You when there are one with Me, and consequently Are perfect now, even as I am perfect.

"And back in here in My consciousness you can see and know your Self in the perfection of My Image and Likeness, even as I see and know you; can see clearly that you are not separate-could not possibly be separate or different-from Me, your Self, your one and only Self.

"Think! I am trying to prove to you your actual and eternal nature, that your real body is perfect; that You can never really be sick because of its perfect purity; that in your soul home, which is your true home, all good things are yours; that there is no lack or limitation of any kind there, for in the Kingdom of My Consciousness, which contains only all good and perfect ideas, less than perfect ideas or conditions do not and could not exist.

"Can you not see that it is only because you think yourself different from your true Self, that you seem different?

"Remember what was stated in the last chapter, 'What you think and hold in consciousness as being so, outmanifests itself in your body and circumstances.'

"Then your body and circumstances are now only the outmanifestation of your wrong and ignorant thoughts- and they have no real existence! Can you not see that, and that if you will but cleanse your mind of all those wrong and untrue thoughts and know yourself as you are-in your soul state, in your Kingdom Consciousness, you will actually be and see yourself as I have shown you are there.

"Ponder this for awhile until you get it. It will mean everything, if you persist and do get it.

"Now listen carefully. Having grasped the great but simple truth of what has been stated, then to You nothing without in the realm of manifestation is true or of any real importance; for the only reality is within in your soul state where I AM. Then you in your human self are nothing at all, for I, your perfect Self, alone am! You are only a human mind, an idea or center of My Consciousness that I created for My use in the realm of matter-which itself is but a composite idea in consciousness-in order that I myself might dwell and function in that outer realm, when I had prepared and fitted you as a perfect avenue for such functioning.

"You are nothing, can be nothing, and can do nothing only as I do it through you. Then why should anything really matter to you, you may well ask.

"Can you not see that it does not-cannot possibly matter, if you are nothing, and I alone AM?

"Then, beloved, why not let go and turn over all to Me? Let go of everything, and put all responsibility upon Me?

"You can do it, if you really try. Just think what it means not to care any longer; that you need not fear or worry or be concerned any more about anything, for I will take care of all.

"No matter what is the problem confronting you, just turn it over to Me. You do not know what a wonderful blessing awaits you, when you are able thus to let go and to trust everything to Me. For I will take care of all, even as I am doing anyway, and I will handle everything far better than you possibly could.

"Yes, when you have learned to trust all to Me-in a positive, living, powerful trust-I will arrange everything; for when you actually let go, and get out of the way, I can bring forth into manifestation the Good I intended from the beginning for you, in order to accomplish My Purpose with you.

"And when your mind thus becomes empty of self-will and of all self-ideas and purposes, I can then put into your mind My Ideas and My Will for you; then I can tell you what to do and your mind, no longer cluttered with fears, worries and concerns of self, can hear My Voice and can know it as Mine, and you will be glad to obey.

"Then I need chasten and discipline you no longer, for your mind has become cleansed and emptied of all ideas of self, and I can take possession and can use it for the purpose I had prepared and fitted it to be used.

"Yes, you then need do nothing but wait upon Me and need not be concerned about anything, for you will do perfectly what I tell you to do, because then I actually will be You, and I will be doing it. And I will take care of all and I will be wholly responsible for all; and you will know that you and I are One, and that I am God."