Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIII As A Man Thinketh In His Heart

Chapter XIII As A Man Thinketh In His Heart
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

A good thing at such times is to sit back coolly, as it were, and study your mind, and watch all the thoughts that come claiming your attention, and learn to discriminate between them, to know their source, whether they are your own creations or some one's else; and particularly to note how many of the negative ones are your own, and how they keep coming back to you to be fed by more of the feelings which gave them birth and have kept them alive since. This will prove a very illuminating and helpful exercise. Then when you have demonstrated to your satisfaction that you are learning to control your mind and can keep out not only your mental abortions but all tramp thoughts that used to come in at will, you can begin to build in the new conditions that you wish to have manifest permanently in your body and affairs.

This will entail calling to your assistance the Loving One within-if you have not called on Him before. For now, you want to begin thinking only His thoughts, and to let His Love motivate and vitalize every one of them, so that they may be worthy and acceptable in the Father's sight. Here the real joy of your efforts will begin to be felt, for the Master will give definite evidence of His co-operation by inspiring you with thoughts and ideas that you will know are from Him, and you will happily follow the suggestions they contain.

After considerable experience in such following, and perhaps with many failures, due to your unwittingly permitting other thoughts than His to get in-some doubts or fears or anxieties, the old bugaboos of former days, you will have trained your mind to trust Him, to make that trust the doorkeeper, so that no other thoughts or feelings can get in, and you will gladly give your whole mind over to Him to use.

From then on it makes no difference what you do, so long as it is what He wills you to do, and you do that gladly; for He every day now proves that He knows best, that He can enable you to do all things, and can supply all things necessary. Now let us get down to basic facts, and remind you again of what the human mind needs to be told without ceasing, until it finally accepts and knows.

Who are you? You are a soul, a center of the Father's Consciousness that now knows its oneness with His Consciousness. And you are now trying to teach your human mind that it is a center of your consciousness and one with you, who are one with the Father's Consciousness. Being thus a center of His Consciousness, which always thinks and knows only beauty, goodness and perfection, the way to let His beauty, goodness and perfection outmanifest is to yield your consciousness over wholly to Him, so that no thoughts ever enter your mind that are not all beautiful, all good and all perfect. Then there will naturally be nothing to hinder your seeing with His eyes-being in His Consciousness-and knowing with His understanding what He has had in store for you from the beginning. That is, there is nothing whatever then to prevent your own good from coming through speedily into manifestation.

Hence there can be no greater success in life than such letting go of all your own personal ideas and opinions and abiding in your Father's Consciousness, so that your highest good, which He has planned for all of His children who are able to give up self and the lie of separation, can come forth and be in the outer even as it already is in the Kingdom. And that good naturally includes real prosperity, the most perfect health, and the purest happiness.

Can you not see that this must be so-when your mind becomes a center in which nothing out of harmony with Divine Mind can enter? Then such a mind is a center into which must pour continuously the rich, healthy, loving consciousness of God Himself. Likewise you can then see how, when such consciousness enters, Love and its law of service automatically rule, and how success and happiness must naturally follow; for harmony then outmanifests, and that means harmony in every department of life. And then you will think no more about getting, but only how you may give to make someone happy. And you will be no longer concerned about prosperity, health, or happiness for self, for you know that as you give yourself-your mind and heart-fully to the Father for His use, He will provide everything necessary to enable you to do the Work He gives you to do.

Tithing it will be no more-for you gladly give all to Him, all that you have, all that you are, and all that you hope to be.

Think this all over carefully, a sentence at a time, until you get fixed in your consciousness the wonderful truths here shown.

It is all definitely confirmed in these words, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Also in these: "If ye abide in Me (in His Consciousness), and let My Words abide in you (think only His thoughts and hold them unwaveringly in consciousness-that is, believe them), ye shall ask what ye will and it will be done unto you" (you need not even ask- they will automatically outmanifest for you whenever there is a need).

Therefore, dear ones, watch carefully your thinking, especially the thoughts that you carry around in your heart about those closest to you, about your business, your job, your health, or any condition in which you find yourself. These thoughts should be always and only positive, optimistic, self-confident, happy, kindly, fearless, seeing only the good in everything, and absolutely trusting in your Father to bring to you your highest good. For such are His thoughts for you and what He purposes for you, and anything less in quality or quantity you may know are of self, are separative, and have no part in His Consciousness.