Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XIII As A Man Thinketh In His Heart

Chapter XIII As A Man Thinketh In His Heart
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

From this you are recalled to the fact that even in this high and pure state you may or may not be fully conscious of your oneness with your Higher Self, your Father-in- Heaven. For remember, as a disciple you are no more nor less there than you are in the physical, for what your soul is you are, whether in the inner or the outer realm of consciousness. In other words, if in your brain consciousness you are wholly in the consciousness of your Christ Self-can say with Jesus and know it as He knew it, "I and my Father are One" and "all that the Father hath is mine,"-then you are actually established in the Spiritual consciousness of the Kingdom, beyond the Causal realm. While if you are now looking to, waiting upon and serving faithfully the Christ within or any other Master or Teacher, then you are on the plane of consciousness of all disciples, the soul plane of the Kingdom.

We are trying to point out the fact that even if one as a disciple has awakened his soul faculties and is able to function consciously on the soul plane of the Kingdom and to see and commune with his Brothers there, he is still but a disciple and not a bit further advanced than his brother disciples who are not so psychically awakened, and he still has to turn to the Master for guidance and instruction when in need.

Indeed, one who cannot consciously see and hear on the soul plane may be farther advanced than one who sees and hears clearly; and to explain why this is we cannot do better than to quote from the Commentaries in the Light of the Soul, in the 3rd Part, on Patanjali's Sutras, No. 37, by Alice Bailey (see Appendix):

"These powers (the higher sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) are obstacles to the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magical powers in the objective worlds.

"One fact continuously emerges in this textbook of spiritual development, and that is that the psychic powers, higher and lower, are hindrances to the highest spiritual state, and must be left behind by the man who can function freed from the three worlds altogether. This is a hard lesson for the aspirant to grasp.

He is apt to think that a tendency toward clairvoyance of clairaudience is indicative of progress and a sign that his practice of meditation is beginning to take effect. It might prove just the opposite and inevitably will, should the aspirant be attracted by, or attached to, any of these forms of psychic faculties."

Soul sight and hearing naturally means the ability to see and hear consciously with the soul faculties on the soul planes. There all the beautiful, pure and perfect things present everywhere would be seen and they would naturally greatly attract and even entrance anyone newly privileged with such soul sight.

But unless such realized that they were all expressions or outpicturings of spiritual realities, and then sought to learn and know what it all meant-what were the spiritual verities thus symbolized, such soul sight would indeed prove a hindrance.

On the other hand spiritual sight is the ability to see past and through all forms the ideas that they outpicture and embody, to see the spirit within the soul of things, that which is trying to express itself to the consciousness of every awakened soul. It is the highest seeing and that which awaits every disciple. It is the seeing of a Master-the power attained by every Christed man; and those who are beginning thus to see may know that they are far along the Path.

Now hear this great and most important truth,-all true Masters and Teachers, whether on the inner or outer planes, even as Christ Jesus taught, ever seek to point their disciples to the Father within as the source of all life, all health, all supply, all wisdom, power and love, and that they should always look to Him only whatever their need. "The Impersonal Life" plainly teaches this and impresses it very strongly upon the soul of all disciples that they should never allow themselves to be inveigled into looking elsewhere for what can only be found deep within their own souls.

You have been shown that in disciples, the Higher or Christ Self, a Son of God-actually a conscious center of God's Consciousness-resides in and rules the soul, and is the one Master for that soul. And while there may be many Teachers and other Masters higher than the soul in its present understanding, yet always within is The One, its Christ Self, its Father-in-Heaven, Who is its supreme Teacher and Master, and to whom it ever must turn for its final authority and guidance.

This will obtain not only on the soul planes but on all planes in the Spiritual realms until the final union of consciousness with God's Consciousness is gained. Therefore all who now recognize and accept this great truth will never become enamoured with the wonders and beauties of the soul realm, when they awaken to its consciousness, where life is a pure joy and where the perfection of all things is perceived and fully appreciated by every soul there; but they will press on to the goal of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, the heritage of every Son of God.