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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XII We Are Come Unto Mount Zion

Chapter XII We Are Come Unto Mount Zion
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


Many doubtless would like an explanation of the principle or law back of tithing, and we believe that all will be interested in knowing this law, for it applies to all phases of human endeavor.

This law reduced to simple words is, "As you freely give, so will you freely receive."

In other words, like so many laws difficult to understand and obey, it is a matter of right thinking and trusting. We all of us believe in God as the Source of all things. But some of us cannot quite see Him as "our Supply, our Support, our Sufficiency in all things," as so wonderfully taught by H., Emilie Cady.

Why-if we accept Him as the Source of all?

Is it not because we do not try to prove Him as such-truly and definitely try to prove Him?

Jesus, our Master and Teacher, has told us many times and in many ways of actual promises of the Father to those that love and trust Him. But we do not believe Him or we would prove it by acting as if we believed.

This is peculiarly true in the matter of material supply. How many really-unquestionably-trust Him? How many take no thought-are not anxious -at some time or other about what they shall eat or drink, or wherewithal they shall be clothed, realizing that their heavenly Father knows their need of these things; and as commanded are seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, fully expecting all things to be added unto them?

Is it not so that instead of such expecting most earnest students go about trying to trust Him, but with so many sub-conscious doubts and fears that they actually drive the Good waiting to manifest far from them.

It resolves itself to this-and think these words over carefully: Until we learn that all that we have comes from the Father within and is for His use, and not ours, except for our immediate needs, and we then act in that consciousness, KNOWING that as we use all in His Service more and plenty will be given us for further use, we may find our present supply cut off or grow less, and we will be allowed to feel the stress of lack for awhile. It is as if we must keep the stream ever flowing, and as we give out, more and more will be poured in.

This has been proved by so many, especially by tithers, that it is known to them as an actual and workable law. We all of us have to learn that just as we pinch and hold on to money we automatically stop its inflow to us.

By learning thus to give or use money freely and fearlessly from a consciousness that knows that by every act of our giving we open the gate, as it were, for more to flow in and in even greater measure-for such is the actual way it does flow-naturally we not only never hesitate when our heart urges us to give, but we learn to love to give.

From a study of the above you will plainly see that it is purely a matter of attaining the right consciousness-that of absolutely trusting in God as our supply, or in the Law, if you prefer. For many have discovered that there is a law of loving giving which automatically brings its sure returns. And you might as well know now that our Loving Father, being always our Highest Self, is putting us through all of these experiences that seem so hard solely in order to bring us to such trust in Him. For He longs with a great longing to have us give up self utterly, so that He can be all things to us and can do all things that He wishes to do through us and for us.

A tither is one who gives a tenth of his income back to God, seeking to support such phases of His Work as enlist his heart interest. There are many notable instances of those who have attained to such faith and trust in Him that they have prospered to an almost incredible extent.

The law of giving, however, does not pertain to money only, but is a phase of the greater law of Love, whose outer manifestation is Service. And Service naturally is pure giving-not only of money, which is the least that we can give in actual value, as it deals only with effects, but of spiritual help, which reaches into and removes the cause. We cannot impress too strongly upon students the vital importance of learning to live and work with this great Law of Loving Service, letting it rule in every thought, word and act. It is the basic element of discipleship and leads directly to the Kingdom.

In the next chapter we will make clear the practical use of this law, showing how in it is hidden the Magic Secret of attaining success, prosperity, health, happiness, peace and oneness with the Father.

To fortify and strengthen you, read the Master's own words regarding it all in the 6th chapter of Matthew, especially beginning with the 19th verse. Study it carefully, chiefly in order that you may see that our Father requires of us an absolute trust in Him, even exhorting us not to lay up for ourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust corrupt and where thieves break through and steal; but to lay up for ourselves treasures in Heaven. For where our treasure is, there will our heart be also.


"My children. I am come that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly. Open now your hearts and receive Me, for I am waiting to come forth in each of you consciously, so that you may not only know Me, but that you may know I am your Self, your one and only Self.

"The time is come that all may know Me, if they will. Receive Me, oh My children. Look for Me not in some far off time or place, but realize that I am here now-here in your hearts; I am that Love that is pushing forth to enrich and bless you, to supply you with all good and useful things needed for My harmonious and perfect, expression through you.

"Open wide your hearts and acknowledge Me there-look to Me there constantly. Ever keep your ears turned to Me there, listening for My voice, waiting thus upon Me and Me only, as you go about your tasks, or when quiet comes and you would know My will.

"For I promise I will not let any go unfed, un-helped, unsatisfied, whose hearts are fixed on Me; for even as you receive all of your life, health and strength from My life in you, so can you receive the fullness of My life, not only as perfect health and strength, but as perfect care, perfect supply, perfect expression of My perfect nature-when you yield your mind and self over wholly to Me.

"I bless you, My dear ones. My love ever surrounds you and will always go before you, lighting your way and making easy your tasks-if you will but trust Me and let Me lead and guide you in all your ways."