Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XII We Are Come Unto Mount Zion

Chapter XII We Are Come Unto Mount Zion
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


This brings us to the consideration of the greatest obstacle that stands in the way of progression on the inner planes- which means to the Kingdom of God; for the Kingdom, remember, is within the mind or within its consciousness. That obstacle is Fear.

The moment you let fear enter the mind, you are sucked into the emotional or astral plane, and unless you are able calmly to face it there and see it for just what it is-a craven creature of your own imagining, which has come to you to be fed, for it has no life but what you give it by recognition and tremblingly entertaining it-you had better cease meditation and go about active work of some kind that will require your mind's full attention.

Every disciple must learn, the moment any fear of whatsoever nature appears, to detect it immediately and to call it forth into the open, compel it to stand in front of him as it were, so that he can look it squarely in the face and see it for the cowardly thing it is-usually some form of selfish quality that is being disturbed in its mental dominion and thus seeks to maintain its hold over the soul.

From all this it should be seen that the way pictured is the road of mastery, is the conscious treading the Path inward to the Kingdom as ruler of your own mind. Have you ever noticed how a positive personality not only attracts people, opportunities and all good things to him, while weaker and negative persons unconsciously always step aside and give him the right of way?

It is always so with the one who is master of his own mind, for he has compelled and taught it to serve him, and other minds instinctively recognize such and render obeisance. Weaker souls are the slaves of their minds-of their thoughts and emotions.

In true meditation one has such control of the mind that he can focus its attention on whatever he wishes to study and know. All the forces of mind fly to aid such a positive soul. Therefore such meditating can be done anywhere, at any time, and in the daylight, and needs not darkness or some quiet place. Such a soul can free itself from all consciousness of the outer at will, and is able to enter such realms as it chooses.

When thus freeing itself, the soul automatically rises to the realm which is its soul home, and where it always goes and works at night when the brain mind is at rest in sleep. There it sees and knows its soul companions and does whatever is required of it at the time by the Higher Self, even as when in the outer consciousness, although all activities in the inner will be of a soul nature necessarily, and are not concerned with personal interests; the brain mind of course, being unaware of such activities, except of what may come through in dreams, or if psychically unfolded of what may be seen in visions.

A disciple or awakened soul along with its brain mind will learn eventually to enter the inner planes consciously with definite purpose either for study or service, and will always have not only the conscious co-operation of the Higher Self, but of Great Souls and Helpers, and often of the Master Jesus, Himself.

As before shown, where two or more are gathered together in the Master's Name, He is actually in their midst, as are other Great Souls and many Brothers on the inner planes. This will point you to the necessity of regular hours and places for both meditation and group meetings, for when it is known that such meetings are faithfully held they are always attended on the inner planes by those who seek to provide the necessary Light and Inspiration that the disciple wishes to bring through to his brain consciousness. Think on these things, and then compare with the negative sitting in the dark of the ordinary seance room of spiritualistic circles, where members seek messages from deceased relatives or others through a Medium usually unconscious in a trance state, his or her organism wholly controlled and utilized by disembodied entities on the astral plane. Not that the phenomena of such seances have not given to the student much necessary information of scientific value, and that all souls influenced that way do not gain significant and needed lessons from such experiences. But it is not the method of learning of the disciple of Christ; for he seeks to master self and all his mental and psychic forces, in order to use them solely in the Master's Service in uplifting and enlightening his fellow men.