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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God

Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


Here is another letter from one whom we have quoted before. It is remarkably clear in its understanding of what has been stated regarding the "Sons of God," and is most helpful because of the writer's loyalty to our dear Lord and Master, Christ Jesus, and her knowing and unequivocably declaring His true part and place in the cosmic life of the earth and of all humanity upon it.

In parenthesis, we have added our comments upon her thought, in order to amplify and emphasize the high truths expressed.

Dear Friends:

Your letter and the remarkable Lesson just came. The vision under the head of "Personality" is the strongest meat you have given us, and will require study and careful thought in order to be fully understood.

I've felt for years that the true soul does not reincarnate until the last. I am reminded of some words by A. K. Mozumdar in his book, "The Life and the Way,"-"Behold the permanent form through which thou art now passing." Ordinarily we would think of the "I" or the soul as permanent and motionless, while the forms would appear transitory and fleeting. But the truth may be that the forms or personalities are preserved-not the physical of course (until the Soul learns all its lessons from these personalities and their experiences-see the article on the Personality), while it is the soul which passes on, passes through or transmigrates. Yet even this is not the Higher Self. Then there would be three,-the manifestor, the manifesting, and the manifest.

It came to me once that in the individual life there must be that which corresponds to the Cosmic Christ. It does not incarnate until its final manifestation (or rather manifestations-for after the soul has earned union with its Father-in-Heaven, a Son of God, then it or they may manifest for a special purpose having to do with the race) but remains above or outside its successive bodies until the end of its evolution. When it does incarnate (in a physical body; before it was incarnate only in the soul) we have the manifestation of one of the Sons of God. I never read this, it is just my very own idea. And Christ Jesus is the culminating incarnation of the Cosmic, not the individual, Christ; hence so much greater than the rest of us. Which explains why He said, "I am the Vine, ye are the branches." Just as you say, "They, the Sons of God, lift up the soul consciousness, etc." You might have said the soul consciousnesses-plural. For it is evident that when a Son of God is lifted up he draws with him all his previous or lesser selves. But Christ Jesus did-or does-even more; He draws His disciples, the Sons of God, who in turn draw their disciples,-the Infinite drawing the infinitesimal. "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me." The greater includes the lesser. He includes and draws us all. Jesus was the culminating manifestation of the Universal, or shall we say the planetary, Son of God. Whether He is Cosmic in the sense of universes, I would not say; but He is the "beginning of emanation and the end of immination," the Alpha and Omega for this earth, if not for the whole Solar System. So each of us is simply a pocket edition, a miniature copy of the Great One, and except for His Spirit-the string upon which the beads are strung-we would not be what we shall be,-we would not "awake in His likeness."

This idea is apparently a little different from yours, but I think there is a point where they could be made to harmonize. It may be the same thing seen from a different angle-a different aspect. (Yes, there is no difference-it is only differently expressed.)

One thing I know, we must always admit the supremacy of Christ Jesus. You know what Paul said of those who erred, "Not holding the Head." It is not enough to see Christ as supreme, we must see Christ Jesus! Jesus as the epitome, the last Son of Man and the first "Son of God," must be understood. I say the last Son of Man-not that there will be no more, but that Jesus was the last of His line, the Cosmic line. The rest of us are the Body. He was, and is, the Head! You know what the angels said to the disciples when Jesus ascended; they spoke of His return and said it would be "this same Jesus."

That means a great deal. It means that as Jesus, Christ finished the sacrificial work; as Jesus He will come to rule as before He came to serve.

It cannot be that it will be by natural birth-by reincarnation-that Jesus will return, for in that event it would not be "this same Jesus." I will not undertake to say how it will be, but it will not be a re-embodiment, since His incarnations were complete at His last appearance. (She clearly perceives here a great truth.)

Now all who are to be "His at His coming" will either be here still in their last manifestation or they will come with Him. Those here will be changed, will assume their glorified or soul body, while those who come with Him will already possess it. They will not be reincarnated. They will have finished their work before passing on. I look for Jesus to become the Ruler, King or Governor of this planet, in the outer sense. The Jews and the world will be unable to see anything at first of an outward manifestation; "the Christ in you" is only for the Church, the true Christians (or disciples of Christ) in or outside of all Churches-the Members of the True or Invisible Church.

He, Christ Jesus, will be a Spiritual Being, such as He was when He appeared to His disciples after the resurrection. Not a Spirit, as He said, having flesh and bones, but it will be the immortal, incorruptible body, having life in itself. There is a natural Israel and a Spiritual Israel. The natural Israel must pass through a natural-a national tribulation. I think the tribulation of spiritual Israel is Spiritual. You know, according to the New Testament, the "elect" are to "escape the tribulation," and to "stand before the Son of Man."

Because I did not escape but had to be tried (She says she passed through 15 years of tribulation. What disciples have not been through much tribulation?) I doubt if I belong to the Sons of God class. That is, I mean I'm not of those who may be said to "sit upon the Throne." I'll have to be content to "stand before it." See Revelations 3:10 and 7:14-15. These, who have come out of great tribulation and washed their robes, are before the Throne. The overcomers sit upon it, they reign with Christ, while the others serve before Him.

G. P. B.