Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God

Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


You have asked, My son, why the necessity of teachers, when I am always within and ready to make known to you all that you need to know.

Think, have I not always provided teachers for you? Have there ever been any periods in your life when you have not had teachers? If not recognized as such, has there not always been someone close who required of you the performance of certain duties, who was ever a monitor of some kind pointing you to that which you needs must do, if you would accomplish that which is before you to do, and who thus taught you and saw to it that you learned your lessons?

Do you doubt this? Then think of your parents, and teachers in school, college, university; of your superiors in factory or office; of partners or associates in business; of wife or husband or children in the home; of friends in society, or of the Pastor of your church; or of others whose opinion you respect and value. Have they not all had a part in moulding your character-in teaching you tonguecontrol, gentleness, poise, patience, self-restraint, uselessness of worrying, faith in self, and the hundreds of other qualities that I could build into your soul only through such teachers?

Yes, I use every possible medium to teach you the laws of being, which must be learned if you would make yourself measure up to that ideal I am ever holding before your soul's eye, and ever urging-compelling you from within to be.

For, is it not always I within you Who assent to or confirm the judgment or instructions of these outer teachers, permitting you to accept only that which I wish you to accept and believe at the time; I thus being to you the real teacher and the final authority to which you always turn, consciously or unconsciously, for such assent or confirmation? You may sometimes rebel and run away from the condition in which I have placed you, and where best you can learn the needed lessons; but even then it is I who cause you to choose unwittingly a much harder condition in which to involve yourself, so that you may have opportunity to think and perhaps repent and maybe later to turn to Me for guidance and release.

But you say, what of those who have turned to Me and have found and are waiting upon Me, and who seek only to learn of Me and to serve Me? Need they other teachers, either on the outer or the inner planes? Need they Divine Teachers-Masters of Wisdom?

Listen, My son. There never will be a time when I shall not teach you through others; for so long as you work with and for others there will always be some above you to help you in such work and to prepare you for the next grade ahead. Through them I shall ever teach and help you, for remember I am the Real and only Self of all men; for I am All in all.

Being the Self in you I use all men to accomplish my purpose for you; even as I use you to help all others. Never forget that I am that Self, that I AM THAT I AM, that I that is in every man-in every disciple, in every Teacher on earth or in Heaven,-in every Master, every Angel, every Son of God.

And when you realize that through each and all of such you can reach Me and be one with Me, even as you can reach and be one with Me in your own soul, then you will know that I am the ONE and ONLY Teacher for you and for all men-I, the Christ of God in Man.