Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God

Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Many disciples heard His call in their hearts and began their journey with us to the Kingdom. Some have traveled with us all the way up to this point, and nothing could now induce them to turn back, or halt.

Many aspirants, however, perhaps a greater number, were not equal to the requirements of the journey. They started unprepared in mental equipment. The traveling into the far country of Mind was too hard going, necessitating too much concentrated effort to which they were unaccustomed. And Meditation was a strange and uninviting land for them, because of the many wild and uncontrolled thoughts there encountered. Besides, regular and systematic traveling was more than they had counted upon; they much preferred to take long and enjoyable side trips into the interesting realms of thoughts of other minds, or to stop at some former traveler's home that had been built by the wayside. They forgot that call they had heard in their hearts-that Loving Voice that had so thrilled and inspired them and had given them the wondrous vision of the Kingdom-their Father's Home, where they knew He was waiting with welcoming arms and loving heart for their return.

But all those who have been truly with us-all aspirants and disciples who, when they heard the Master's call, were not only ready and eager, but who were never happy unless they heard that Voice again speaking in their hearts,-they have earnestly sought by faithful study and application of all the suggestions given to find and know the Beloved One abiding in their hearts, so that they might wait upon and have His guidance every step of the way. And many of such dear ones have been given unmistakable evidence of His influence and His abiding presence in their lives. It is for these faithful ones that the above information about the soul and their soul home has been given. Such have not been left without encouragement at any stage of their journey; but now that we are nearing the goal they are told these glad tidings in order that they may press on unhesitatingly until the full consciousness of the Kingdom is reached.

How may those who read know that they have reached this stage with us? Surely those who have evidence of the Loving Presence within their hearts know! Have they not been hearing His Voice, and have they not been lovingly following Him and seeking to obey His every suggestion? Then know that while doing this He has been leading you straight to the Kingdom-the Kingdom of His and your Father's Consciousness.

Many have written us of visions and dreams-soul experiences that tell plainly of His guidance and of His love. Some have even been vouchsafed visions of our Blessed Lord, Christ Jesus, others have felt His Presence, while others have clearly heard His actual words of blessing. A few have already been privileged during meditation in their Group meetings to rise directly in consciousness to the soul realm and there to be with their Brothers in Spirit in full awareness of Them.

We have had word from several Groups of two or more members in their Group being so privileged and actually seeing the same things; and in one particular group, starting with two members being able to do this, gradually additional ones opened to this consciousness until six were able to see and to report to the group while seeing, and thus to compare notes of their experiences in the soul realm. We tell you of this for the reason that from what we have been shown we feel, owing to the powerful force now being poured down upon Earth, which is affecting every human soul, stimulating and quickening into undue activity both the highest and the lowest in them, that before very long it is going to be the common experience of every true disciple. We mean, that every such disciple will be open to the soul realm and will come into conscious contact with their Brothers in the Great White Brotherhood of the Spirit, of which our Beloved Master Jesus, is the Supreme Head and Life.

This because the time is rapidly nearing when all such disciples must come into the knowledge of "who they are and of what they are a part," in order that they may become fully prepared for the work that lies ahead, which in their soul consciousness they pledged the Master they would do. We know that many who read may feel discouraged and fearful that none of this applies to them, thinking because so far they have felt no tangible evidence of such quickening, that such opening of the soul consciousness is unattainable for them.

To all such we say, that if they desire with all their hearts and souls to enter such consciousness, solely in order that they can the better be prepared for service, and if they have set aside regular hours for meditation and faithfully at that time try to enter and abide in the I AM or Christ Consciousness, it will not be long before they will attract to them or be led to one or more whose souls harmonize with their souls and who will form with them the nucleus of a Group, which then may meet for a mutual study and practice of the teachings.