Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God

Chapter XI Now Are We Sons of God
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

IN THE last two chapters we tried to tell you all about the birth, source, constitution and nature of the soul, and if you truly studied all that was given and noted carefully what was shown you from within as you read, you will have arrived at a more or less clear understanding of your own soul, its relation to your Higher Self and to your human mind and body.

You were shown that the soul dwells in the human body, and that the Higher Self dwells in the soul-that is, in an awakened, or re-born soul.

Naturally, however, the soul cannot live in a body, for the body is mere flesh; so that it must mean it dwells somewhere deep within the consciousness of the human mind, which does have its abode in the physical brain. And when we tell you that what is commonly known as the subconscious mind is really the consciousness of the soul, or is all that the ordinary student and most psychologists know of the soul or its consciousness, it will help you to place the soul definitely-by relating what you know of the subconscious mind with what herein has been shown you about the soul.

Now as Mind includes within itself all realms of consciousness, it does not take much of an effort of thought to realize that you, a soul-the thinker, must dwell within Mind, and that you are a center of consciousness of Mind. Which means that you are consciousness; and that in order to express your self or your soul on the earth plane, you had first to create a "separate" mind or mental body in which to dwell; and then that your mind had to create for itself a physical body with a human brain in which it could dwell, in order that you as a soul could function as a selfconscious separate unit of Mind. For try to realize that the human mind in the sum total of its consciousness-subconsciousness, ordinary consciousness, and superconsciousness- is really the outer reflection of the soul, through which or by means of which the soul expresses itself.

We are trying to have you grasp the fact that the soul dwells deep within the mind, or deep beneath the surface of the conscious mind, and rules and operates from there. Psychologists and metaphysicians glimpsing this truth created the term "sub-conscious mind," in their efforts to give a name to what is actually the soul.

All this implies that deep within the consciousness of mind there must be realms where the soul actually "dwells" and which must be its real home. And it must be a real home, for we have seen how many times in physical incarnations it has built bodies to house its "separate" mind, in which it involved itself while seeking the knowledge which would finally free it from its earth attachments, and which knowledge could be gained only through experience in earth lives. And that after each earth life it would return to its home in the inner realm of consciousness, there to digest and assimilate the essence of the lessons gained from such earth experiences.

Gradually through many such experiences it learned that it could partially free itself and return temporarily to its home in Mind or Spirit-for Mind (with a capital M) is really Spirit. Such freedom occurred first at night when the brain mind slept, and then later it was found that in true meditation, when the brain mind was stilled, the soul was able to escape for a brief period to its soul home in consciousness.

Now if there are realms in consciousness where the soul dwells, naturally all souls must dwell there and they must live, think, speak and act there; even as we would think, speak and act-all men being souls-if we were wholly freed from our body consciousness and from the influence of our brain minds, which still think in terms of personality and of separateness and thereby ever tend to keep us in such separate consciousness.

We will consider at this time only the souls of disciples or re-born men, and the realm or home of such-the soulplane of purified or immortal souls-where we would have you realize that such souls actually live, even as their human personalities live here on the earth plane; but that there they appear to each other as young, beautiful and perfect-as their ideal selves, all living the purest life of loving service, having only one thought and purpose-how they can help their younger brothers and how to grow wiser and stronger in order the better to serve their beloved Master, Christ Jesus.

There the souls of disciples, according to their stage of unfoldment-for they always keep on unfolding-are taught by their Elder Brothers, or by their own Higher Selves, the essence of the experiences passed through each day in their body consciousness, or the higher truths that they are to bring down into application on the earth plane. These Elder Brothers may be either more advanced disciples, or Masters of Wisdom. Often the Lord Jesus will be in their midst personally instructing them, or blessing them with His Presence.

Stop here and meditate awhile on what you have just read, and see if you can get any inner confirmation of it. From this you are beginning to perceive that this soul plane must be a realm very much like your concept of the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore you will be glad to know that it is indeed the first realm in the Kingdom, and that all purified souls are actual members of the "Community of Saints," the "Great Congregation," the "Holy Ones," spoken of in the Bible; also known as the Great White Brotherhood of the Spirit, and the Great White Lodge. This will be evidenced to all disciples who have unfolded their soul faculties, by seeing all there gowned in robes of purest white, and by the predominance of white everywhere. In the December, 1928, Paper, which inaugurated this Work, and which forms the first chapter of this book, the Master sent forth a call to all those who were earnestly seeking the Kingdom and who were ready to make this seeking the first and supreme thing in their lives.